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GRR HOT 15: 15.01.2010

Happy Friday to all GRR HOT 15 fans! I hope the Solar Eclipse today did not affect you in a negative way. For those of you wondering what I am talking about I will tell you. Today January 15, 2010 occurred a very long annular solar eclipse, which will not happen again until 3043!
elena | 13:01 | 15 Jan 10

GRR HOT 15: 08.01.2010

Hello dear GRR HOT 15 music lovers! Today I would like to dedicate the article and the chart to the one and only King of Rock Elvis Presley! Today 75 years ago Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi to Vernon Elvis and Gladys Love Presley. Half an hour after Elvis his twin brother Jesse Garon Presley was stillborn. And so Elvis Presley, as an only child became the most important thing in his parents’ lives. The family was poor and Elvis found his musical inspiration in church. Elvis Presley is the only entertainer, who left an “Elvis” movement after his death and to this day people celebrate his birth date as if he never passed! He is a legend that will always be alive in our minds and hearts with songs like Suspicious Minds, Love me Tender, Heartbreak Hotel 56, Can’t Help Falling in Love, Don’t be cruel, and of course Return to sender! Happy birthday Elvis!
elena | 12:01 | 08 Jan 10

GRR HOT 15: 01.01.2010

Yes, it is 12:37 as I am writing this but I will still say – good morning and Happy New Year! I hope you had a great time last night and I wish this year will bring you a lot of things to smile and be happy about!
elena | 15:01 | 01 Jan 10

GRR HOT 15: 25.12.2009

Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone! Did you like the presents this year or you were a bit disappointed? In any case remember that you should be happy and smiling, not because of anyone else or because it is Christmas but because of you!
elena | 01:12 | 25 Dec 09

GRR HOT 15: 18.12.2009

This week I have a surprise for my foreign readers. Depending on whether you believe me or not, this surprise can change your outlook and hopefully put a smile on your face.
elena | 10:12 | 18 Dec 09

GRR HOT 15: 11.12.2009

Hello dear GRR HOT 15 lovers! This week I’m very excited because I have three new songs for you, which rock the melody in my head and I hope they will do the same to you too! And before telling you about the changes in the chart from this past week, I will give out the new hits!
elena | 11:12 | 11 Dec 09

GRR HOT 15: 04.12.2009

Hello everyone. Welcome back to GRR HOT 15! It is the time of year when we like watching Christmas movies just because we feel nostalgic or because we got into the holiday spirit.
elena | 15:12 | 04 Dec 09

GRR HOT 15: 27.11.2009

Hello dear readers! What is going on with this weather? I don’t know from where you will be reading this and what is the weather there but here in Greece is spring. Birds singing, clear blue skies and the temperature is around 20˚C. Nice...on one hand I wish it was spring but then again, Christmas is coming so this weather better get the hint! Anyway, I will stop playing “your local meteorologist” and I will get back to what you came here to read – what is going on in this week’s GRR HOT 15!
elena | 18:11 | 27 Nov 09

GRR HOT 15: 20.11.2009

Remember the movie Are we there yet? This is the question many people ask themselves on Monday morning. Well, now I have good news! Yes, we are there – it’s Friday! I hope you have a great weekend planned so I’ll do my best to make it even better with some good music.
elena | 17:11 | 20 Nov 09

GRR HOT 15: 13.11.2009

Hey everyone! It’s Friday again and I’m here to tell you what happened in GRR HOT 15 throughout the past week.
elena | 18:11 | 13 Nov 09