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If you Get a Sunburn

13 July 2014 / 23:07:18  GRReporter
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Sunburn is not something to be easily ignored, although many people underestimate it. One of the possible results is that your skin starts peeling, but there can be much more serious consequences requiring medical attention. What we need to know is that the damage caused to the skin is irreversible, and there is an increased risk of melanoma, which is an extremely dangerous type of cancer.

Although the best treatment for sunburn is prevention, sometimes, despite our efforts to spend more time in the shade, some parts of our bodies could get a sunburn.

There is no immediate treatment of sunburn, since it takes time for the skin to restore itself. However, there are some measures which can alleviate your pain and reduce the unpleasant burning feeling.

Sunburn is a type of inflammation, that is why aspirin will help as long as you take it as soon as possible before the inflammation develops. Aspirin will prevent swelling and will alleviate pain, even temporarily.

Cortisone Creams
Cortisone creams, if used within 6 hours of burning, can provide great relief from the pain and burning. Note, however, that these creams should always be used after you consult a doctor, not randomly.

Aloe Gel
In most cases of burns, the best treatment to use is a gel from fresh aloe. Aloe has the ability to cool the skin and relieve the pain. Be careful and avoid products with aloe containing local anaesthetics such as lidocaine or benzocaine, because they may cause allergic skin reactions.

Avoid Sunbathing for a While

This needs no explanation - don’t expose the burnt skin to the sun. However, you need to be aware that you should avoid sunbathing for longer than you think so that your skin is restored.

In case of a sunburn, the outer layer of the skin peels for about a week, and it takes approximately that long for the skin to recover from the damage. Generally speaking, it takes three weeks for a sunburned skin to heal, and if the burn is serious, it will take even more.

Cooling Cucumber Cream

Cucumbers are rich in natural elements that have an antioxidant and analgesic effect, and provide relief from burning. Once you peel the cucumber, cut it in pieces and blend them. Put the blended mixture onto the skin - thus you will relieve the pain and inflammation will decrease. Make sure the mixture is cooled because this helps for the faster recovery of the skin cells.

Use Some Ice Cubes

Cold compresses alleviate in a similar way. They constrict the capillaries that are dilated due to the sunburn, and the dilation is the reason for the pain and inflammation you feel. The more the blood vessels constrict, the less the pain. Avoid, however, sudden change of temperature and use a cloth between the ice blocks and the inflamed skin so that you gradually cool the sunburned place.

Stay away from Hot Water

Obviously, you should avoid hot water because it irritates burning. Vessels dilate, inflammation is increased, so is pain. Until you are almost healed, wash with cold water only.

Hydrate your Skin

You need to hydrate your skin daily after a cool shower. The best time for maximum skin hydration is to put cream on the burnt place three minutes after you have dried yourself after taking a shower. Hydration will help your skin, but peeling will last at least for a week no matter how well you take care of the affected area.

Avoid Strong Dermatological Products

If you are using daily anti-aging products that contain retinol or hydroxides,  you should stop using them until your skin heals completely. In any case, consult a dermatologist because sunburned skin is much more sensitive than normal skin, and if you are not careful, there could be much more serious consequences.

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