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Instinct for survival prevails between the period of March 1st and 15th

27 February 2011 / 11:02:24  GRReporter
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In this article I will tell you what are the "climate" peculiarities of the period between March 1st and 15th and who will be affected. This climate affects people in different ways. Note if your horoscope includes any of the planets in the areas I will mention. The gallery of the article includes an image with keywords, since the planets are related to different areas of life. I will write which zodiac areas are affected in the first half of March. I will list the dates in which the Sun is approximately in those areas and therefore affects people born on these dates, regardless of the year. For the rest of the planets you will need to check your personal horoscope. 

14° - 20° Aries (people born between April 3 and 10) 
0° - 6° Gemini (people born between May 21 and 27) 
10° - 16° Gemini (people born between May 31 and June 6) 
16° - 22° Gemini (people born between June 6 and 12) 
21° - 27° Cancer (people born between July 13 and 20) 
18° - 24° Leo (people born between August 10 and 17) 
10° - 23° Virgo (people born between September 2 and 16) 
3° - 9° Libra (people born between September 26 and October 2) 
0° - 6° Sagittarius (people born between November 21 and 28) 
28° Sagittarius - 4° Capricorn (people born between December 20 and 26) 
2° - 8° Aquarius (people born between January 22 and 28) 
18° - 24° Aquarius (people born between February 7 and 13) 
22° - 28° Pisces (people born between March 12 and 18) 

Look at the gallery image and check which planet interests you and connect the keywords for it with what I listed. 
In the period between March 1st and 15th there is a general tendency for everyone to seek a maximum safe place for themselves. Our instinct for survival takes precedence and everyone starts to comply with it first. In one way or another, this reflects our personal conduct, which can tolerate a variety of "cosmetic" adjustments. 

In the period between March 1st and 15th, the people who have a planet in the area: 
3° - 9° Libra
the inner pressure to fix everything around you, continues. This leads to frequent falling into stressful situations, but the hidden idea is to change different things in your life. The period of concentration on how to approach different situations better, continues. The spontaneous acts of "correcting" are most successful. However, remember that there are no perfect things, nor perfect people. 

In the period between March 1st and 15th people, who have a planet in the area: 
2° - 8° Aquarius, 
continues to be charged with emotional tension and situations, in which the desire to express can be a powerful engine, which will push you forward and keep you alive. On one hand these are emotions that bring stress in your life, but on the other, they are a great engine. During this period, however, you will be able to discover how best to properly respond to this emotional tension. Maybe you will find the strength to shake off all the negativity. This period is rather full of positive feelings and emotional desires. 

In the period between March 1st and 15th people, who have a planet in the area: 
14° - 20° Aries, 
continue the momentum towards some new areas in life - be it, new people, new activities or something else. Deep down, wanting to be the first in something. Now is the time to focus solely on what things are, rather than on what things were or can be. 

In the period between March 1st and 15th people, who have a planet in the area: 
21° - 27° Cancer, 
it is time for exchange of opinions and search for solutions and organization. Do not fall into the arrogant position that only you know everything. Try to understand the other’s perspective as well. Only this can lead to the best solution or organization. 

In the period between March 9th and 15th people, who have a planet in the area: 
16° - 22° Gemini, 
is a time in which your senses will be greatly exacerbated in terms of where there is money, prestige and power. If you are attracted to something or someone, you will be attracted because of the sense of money and material beneficial projects. Be careful what promises you give and what you get involved in, because ultimately it is all about money. Unwittingly you will rush towards being acknowledged and getting respect from others. You will give this feeling out almost without words. Now is the time to invest, because your eye for "good" deals is working flawlessly. 

In the period between March 1st and 15th people, who have a planet in the following areas: 
0° - 6° Gemini 
0° - 6° Sagittarius 
28° Sagittarius - 4° Capricorn

will run into some confusion and embarrassment. Your intuition tells you one thing and you think otherwise. The basis of this influence is related to the future and at a deeper level, it is linked to the fear of the future. The main driving motive is how to be safe so you will not befall by those fears. The focus is on individual level and it seems you will stop noticing that there are other people around.

In people with planets in the area 0° - 6° Gemini - the topic is related to the future, with the recognition of what things need to be done now, right now at the time when they have come up. Probably you will feel anxious for no reason. Pay attention to the fears that appear. They relate more to your sense of security and safety, and your place in the world. Be careful when communicating with others, because a tendency of not "hearing" appears.

In people with planets in the area 0° - 6° Sagittarius - the topic is related to some personal crisis or finding yourself in an environment in which you have to deal with personal crises of others. Think firstly of yourself before trying to solve other people’s problems. 

In people with planets in the area 28° Sagittarius - 4° Capricorn - the topic is related entirely to personal behavior, whether it is appropriate and consistent with the different types of environment. Follow your gut instinct in each situation in which you find yourself and you will probably find that you have built an invisible shield around you, which protects you. 

In the period between March 3rd and 15th, people who have a planet in the area: 
22° - 28° Pisces, 
it is a time when you can feel how everyone around you feels the need to talk about their emotional state, about their concerns in different areas of life, associated with the affected planet. This can lead to your desire to step back from any social contact. Do not do anything if you are not in the mood for it. It will be good for you to avoid emotional outbursts, because in that period "hot blood" will be running through your veins, which can make you too unpredictable. But on the other hand, if you experience a deep passion for something you do or want to do, this is a good sign for further success. 

In the period between March 8th and 15th, people who have a planet in the area: 
18° - 24° Aquarius, 
it is a time, in which you may experience a strong need to be needed and therefore you will need to know that someone cares about you. You may be placed in a situation where you will feel strongly who needs what and someone will constantly bother you with their requests. Do not leave your own needs in the background. The fact that your boss relies entirely on you for a certain project, but does not respect your needs, is not a reason for you to fully dedicate yourself to the project and forget about yourself. If someone refuses something to you, this can be a very strong shock. On the other hand if you have decided to seek for help, now is the time to find one. But know that it is not always exactly where you expect it to be. 

In the period between March 6th and 10th, people who have a planet in the area: 
10° - 16° Gemini, 
it is time to prepare for an experience. First comes a time of crisis, something that shakes you and takes away your balance. I do not mean only the negative overtones of the crisis moments. The crisis can also be a lucky coincidence - unexpected journey, shift at work, intimate relationships - depends on the affected planet. Whatever the experience is, it will surely make you feel full of energy. 

In the period between March 3rd and 15th, people who have a planet in the area: 
18° - 24° Leo, 
it is time for discovery and inspiration. Maybe you will get an impulse or will feel a tension that will make you look for an answer to a question. And not just any answer, but the only possible answer. Initially you may juggle between different options on how to solve the emerging "task" and to doubt. Until you are still in doubt, this means that you have not formulated what you need clear enough. But ultimately if nail the most accurate form of your question, you will get the most accurate and logical answer. 

In the period between March 3rd and 15th, people who have a planet in the area: 
10° - 23° Virgo, 
is a time in which you may encounter the need to face yourself with a mental puzzle. Until that point, you may have had the feeling that you have all the right parts, but have experienced great difficulty in arranging them. Or maybe you haven’t realized that you had all the puzzle pieces. All you had to do is just to arrange them. This is a period in which you will get frequent flashes, that something was right before your eyes, but you had not managed to see it or recognize it. Now you will find it easiest to connect seemingly different and incompatible information, in order to be able to arrange a comprehensive whole. Do not fall into confusion and doubt. The absurd is often true. 

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