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The mark we leave behind

09 November 2013 / 20:11:02  GRReporter
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We are all born and live as individual beings in the first place and only then as part of a family, partnership, team, society, etc. We have a strong urge to manifest our "I am." We have a deep desire to be noticed, seen and remembered. Therefore, popularity and fame are such attractive categories. However, even if we have not achieved great popularity and are not known in the whole district, we all have our fame. It is related to what everyone who knows us remembers us through life. We always leave our mark but in most cases we do it unconsciously and understand it much later.

Today's article is about what mark we leave behind and for what reasons people remember us. We all have the so-called creative ability - to create and leave something behind. Every person carries a small piece of the Sun, which is "responsible" for life on Earth. The Sun is the star with its own light in our solar system, although in astrology it is called a planet for convenience. And if we continue the analogy, every person has a desire to be this star and achieve fame and recognition.

People express themselves in many ways and create many things - children in the first place. For this activity they use most of their creative charge. They also create art – they draw, sing, play, perform, cook, grow plants, write books, write poetry, tell jokes, etc. They create various things in the material world. And last but not least, they create an image which is remembered. This happens very spontaneously and is totally natural. When you go somewhere, and without knowing it and literally in a moment, you do something spontaneous, which is in line with your individual creativity, and the "star" in you is manifested in all its light. In this way you create a certain impression and you are remembered for something. And "your name's on everybody's lips" - for better or worse.

In the personal horoscope, the Ascendant is the way in which one is perceived by others. This is our "body" to the world via which we show ourselves. And the fifth house in the horoscope defines our creative potential and everything we create in our life. It is a reflection of the sign Leo in the zodiacal circle and it is ruled by the Sun. It holds the material expression of our personal "star", of our personal Sun, via which we become famous. This means that others see us and perceive us in a certain manner via the Ascendant. And what remains behind us, in the minds of everyone with whom we have come in contact, after we leave, lies in the fifth house - in the same way in which our children are our mark when we have already departed.

Naturally, the Sun in the horoscope and the fifth house, counting from it, also has importance because the Sun governs our individuality and creativity. If we want to understand what marks we leave behind and what people remember us for, it is necessary to analyse the fifth house in the horoscope, considered according to the Ascendant and the Sun. For those with more advanced knowlege, I will mention that it is important whether planets fall in it and how the planet which rules it is located. The power and way of expression of this planet tell us how strong the impression we leave is, and what kind of sign it has - a plus or minus.

I will give only the main characteristics depending on the sign, in which the fifth house of the horoscope falls. Read the information according to your Ascendant and sun sign. The first relates to the real actions via which you create an impression. The latter relates to their nature.

Ascendant or Sun in Aries

The fifth house falls in Leo. The positive marks you leave behind are your great zest for life, play and entertainment; for living at full speed in a way that is often reminiscent of a film’s storyline with many adventures. You are remembered for your incredible love stories and adventures and your bohemian lifestyle. You are often involved in some type of art - music, theatre, cinema, etc.

The negative marks you leave are scandals associated with your love and intimate life that can make you fail. Your great self-esteem and self-confidence can push you towards taking on extreme risks and you may be remembered for wasting all your opportunities.

What will prevail - the positive or negative mark, depends on the position and status of the Sun in your personal horoscope.

Ascendant or Sun in Taurus

The fifth house falls in Virgo. The positive marks you leave behind are your great working capacity, diligence and practicality. You are remembered because of your ability to find effective ways to solve any kind of everyday problems and always provide the best "first aid". You are good organizers who make others' lives easier. You can serve, be responsible and everyone can count on you.

The negative marks you leave are that you are always anxious and depressed, overburdened with work and all sorts of domestic problems that you cannot cope with. You may also be remembered because of the fact that you are irresponsible, impractical and never see any job through to the end, or work inefficiently and without ultimate benefit.

What will prevail - the positive or negative mark, depends on the position and status of Mercury in your personal horoscope.

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