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Marriage for love or money

13 September 2014 / 15:09:08  GRReporter
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The seventh house falls in Scorpio and is managed by Mars (and Pluto). Your motive for marriage is the presence of a turbulent and deep passion, or the wealth of your partner. If both are combined, for you this is the ideal combination to push you to marriage. You are amongst the people who would marry if there are intense emotions and that fatal love. However, the money of your partners also plays a very important role. If their financial situation is particularly good, this is a reason enough to marry. Which of these two will prevail – stormy and passionate love or money, is judged by the position of Mars in your horoscope. Very often your marriage is associated with some fateful circumstance and you may be forced to make some sacrifice for your partner because of your relationship with them.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the eighth house, this is a sign that your marriage is closely associated with the intervention of fateful circumstances. Most often this is the occurrence of an unplanned child, strong financial commitments or some other special event that has karmic significance. In this case marriage and your partner are determined by karma.

Ascendant in Gemini (ruling planet in the 9th house)

The seventh house falls in Sagittarius and is ruled by Jupiter. In your case love is not a driving force in marriage and marital life. For you, spiritual affinity and the ability of your partner to expand the world around you in every sense – by giving you knowledge, teaching you different things, travelling together around the world, you perceiving them as a teacher and a leader - are of priority. What you look for in them is that perennial optimism and enthusiasm that is highly contagious. You two are connected primarily by your mutual philosophy of life, which is far beyond any passion and turbulent feelings. Whether you will achieve some prestige and a special place in society plays a crucial role in your decision to marry. For you marriage has a social meaning rather than being the fruit of personal need, since you tend to adopt free and casual relationships without commitment.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the ninth house, marriage is related to education, travelling or because of moral and religious factors; it has a philosophical basis. Also, it may well be that your partner has a different nationality, creed and religion.

Ascendant in Cancer (ruling planet in the 10th house)

The seventh house falls in Capricorn and is governed by Saturn. Being motivated to enter into marriage for you is a very big challenge, as you look for a relationship with a solid foundation, loyalty, plus a lot of trust and respect. Love and feelings in the form of joy and exhilaration do not play a significant role. Your partner must be an authoritative person, must already be completed as a personality and also must have a sound professional, public and social status. Origin and family line are essential. You would never enter into marriage with a person who is unequal to you, no matter how great the love between you. The status that comes after marriage, is the main driving force for you - as well as receiving protection.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the tenth house, marriage to you is primarily associated with your social status and career opportunities. In your case, marriages are settled by family, as well as such caused by some kind of family debt. You often enter into a relationship only because “it is the correct thing to do” and “to respect the rules of the game”.

Ascendant in Leo (ruling planet in the 11th house)

The seventh house falls in Aquarius and is ruled by Saturn (and Uranus). For you marriage is not just something, as you look for relationships that are a mix of loyalty, trust and respect on the one hand, and on the other they should contain surprises, excitement, freedom and lack of responsibilities. Love often has nothing to do with this. You enter into marriage motivated mainly by the presence of friendly relations that are stable; you have common interests and goals in life, but no rules or regulations are imposed on you. You are most likely to enter into non-standard relations and to talk about the typical marriage with you is quite difficult. Commitment in marriage is not your priority, it causes serious personal discomfort.

If the planet ruling the seventh house falls in the 11th house, marriage to you is related to the availability of good friendly relations that make it more open and free. You tend to commit to your best friend, not to your great love.

Ascendant in Virgo (ruling planet in the 12th house)

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