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11 February 2016 / 06:02:17
The Greek government has deprived the independent Council for Radio and Television of its power to hold a competition for licences to be granted to private broadcasters. The limited number of four permit will be granted by the Minister of State, at his own discretion.
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Taxpayers pay almost 97% of the...
Electronic media in Greece strike...
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A week before the semi-final of Eurovision, the representative of the Bulgarian participation in Eurovision, Elitsa Todorova, has arrived in Athens... 
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In order for the companies to retain users' interest, they must add a photo or a video to their publications and to send messages, whose content is... 
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For several years now, George Trangas has been at war with the Memorandum and Angela Merkel. Sources claim that he lives the life of a rich man, goes... 
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The extreme right 'punished' Mega TV with obscene curses for its decision to broadcast Turkish series on the National Day of Greece. 
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According to the publications, it will have a centre-left orientation and will support SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras. Meanwhile, the prosecutor's office... 
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They write that the reason is the protests against high electricity prices during which many citizens demanded the resignation of the government. 
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The protest involved slightly more than 100 people. A new strike in the public television has been announced. 
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Four singers will compete to represent Greece in the international song contest and each of them wants to fight for the love of the audience and to... 
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According to sources, the private music channel MAD will bear the cost of participation in the contest in Malmö. 
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The explosions of improvised devices caused only material damage. They happened at intervals of a few minutes, which strengthens the suspicion that... 
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The results of the study of the European Mediadem project show that they are fully subject to the policy that the central government sets for them. 
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The decline in advertising revenue has already disarranged the puzzle of Greek televisions. Soon they will be faced with the dilemma of either... 
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