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Mercury retrograde by the end of December - selfishness, reproach and judgement in the air on New Year's Eve

18 December 2010 / 16:12:26  GRReporter
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    In this article I will inform you of the "climate" peculiarities for the period December 15-31 and who it will affect. The climate influences people in different ways. Note if your personal horoscope includes planets in the areas I will mention. The photos attached to the article include a keyword chart, which explains how planets relate to different areas of life.


    Mercury’s retrograde will continue until December 30th. As I have already informed you, the first ten days can be filled with criticism and personal conflicts of all sorts. Tension will come from everywhere like electricity. Pay attention to who, what and why they criticize. Also pay attention to what you yourself criticize, where you make mistakes and what confuses you. It is time to "wake up" for what is bothering you in life.


    Between December 15 and 20 Mercury retrograde affects the permanent changes in behavior and reactions while communicating. Focus is on the personal. It seems as if everyone turns towards themselves and shows total disregard for everyone around them. The motto is "I am only interested in myself and my personal survival”. It is possible to observe behavior in others, and in ourselves, which can be extremely provoking, direct and clear, aiming to take advantage of all opportunities and to attract attention. This means that the methods are diverse - from the position of a martyr, to isolation and flexibility.


    The last ten days - between December 20 and 30 - are days where the focus is on the accumulation of facts, on accidentally overhearing things, on hesitation due to uncertainty in your own thoughts and ideas. And, voila! The moment you find something that may have been before your eyes, but somehow you did not manage to see it or you just do not want to.


    Particularly apparent this can occur in people who have planets in the zone 26° Cancer - 3° Leo. The climate is right so that those people can finally express things that have been inside their heads for a long time. These might be ideas, intentions, knowledge, life goals. It depends on what their personal planet is.

    I will mention which zodiac areas are affected by the astro-climatic characteristics in the second half of December.

18 ° - 25° Taurus
24°Taurus  - 0° Gemini
0° - 6° Gemini
11° - 17° Gemini
3° - 9° Libra
20° - 26° Libra
2° - 8° Scorpio
0° - 6° Sagittarius 
5° - 11° Sagittarius
16° - 23° Sagittarius
28° Sagittarius - 4° Capricorn
2° - 8° Aquarius
16° - 23° Pisces

    Find the planet of interest in the second illustration chart and connect it with the keywords I have given.

    The period December 15-21 in which people have a planet in the degree:


16 ° - 23 ° in Pisces,

can be involved in some dramatic and emotional situations - both positive and less positive emotions. It is possible to unleash a powerful emotional flow. You will be able to express long-suppressed emotions or witness such. Maybe you will find something out that has eluded so far. For example, someone can admit their love for you or you can find out that love is gone. This is either a very romantic period, or full of disappointments.

If you do not find yourself in the right mood it is better to do nothing and stay alone with yourself, because there might be unwanted and unexpected results. Be careful of what you say, in order not to regret it.

    The period December 15-21 in which people have a planet in the degree:


16° - 23° Sagittarius
may feel an instinctive urge to focus on how to make something of their own, associated with the planet in the area of another so they can assess it, to find it useful. The focus is rather on the "package", not so much on the content. Purely manipulative methods are not excluded, which will be aiming to sell the same thing but with a different packaging. If the affected planet is the Sun, this is a period in which you can simply change your attire / appearance, in order to be able to get the necessary attention and to finalize one of the mail deals in your life.

    The period December 15-31 in which people have a planet in the degree:


3° - 9° Libra
may feel a desire to correct, to propose and to experiment - with everything and everyone around them. With only intention to make life easier - not only for themselves but also for others. Be prudent in pressing others to adopt everything immediately. This desire can be expressed in some perverse criticism or engaging in some perverse pleasures in order to take the strain, to fix something in yourself or in others.


    The period is not as emotional as it is related to test your life and to improve what you do not like in it. On focus are logic and reason, not emotions. It is possible to enhance your fear of your superiors and to feel the urge to overcome them, to deal with this fear. Criticism will fly in all directions - towards yourself and from you to others.


The period December 21-27 in which people have a planet in the degree:


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