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Miro in Athens!

13 March 2010 / 10:03:28  GRReporter
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Victoria Mindova


Sun and warm spring weather welcomed the famous Bulgarian singer Miro, who visited Athens during his promotional tour for the music contest Eurovision. At the contest he will represent Bulgaria and his visit in Greece is related to advertising the song “Angel si ti”. Miro was invited by the Greek Eurovision fan club who are particularly keen on the Bulgarian music. Besides the fact that Miro’s song is a favorite one for everybody in the club another reason for the invitation is in a way to pay honors to the Bulgarian audience for its constant support to the Greek participants in the contest. We could now say that it is a tradition for the Bulgarian twelve points to always be assigned in support to the Greek song at the final vote.

Miro’s program was full with a series of interviews and performances. The high point of the evening is his performance as a guest singer in the final selection of the song which will represent Greece at the contest in Oslo. Charming and gentleman, Miro gave a special interview for all the readers of GRreporter in the car on his way for to the radio show “From 6 to 9” of the Greek radio “Lampsi”.

Tell us how did you start working in the music sector and how did you find out this is you vocation?

In my case what I do found me. Music was always of interest to me. In my family it is said that the first thing I ever did was to start singing, not crying. My parents say that when I was little and when I get hurt or injured I never had a tear in my eye. Instead I was starting to sing “I sum suncho” (he laughs). The family legends go on with the story that when I was standing in front of the piano at an infant age I started to play a melody. This is actually not very unlikely because when you have the ear for it you could make up an easy melody.

Who was the one to support you in your creative way throughout the years?

The one who seeks – he finds! I could say I am lucky when it comes to this because many different people in different moments were giving me their time and talent. There probably is some part true in the destiny regardless of the fact that I strongly believe in the free choice. Every one of the people I have worked with have left a small part of themselves with me, however they have of course taken a part of me as well. We could say that my free choices have led me on the right way.

I have passed through many teachers and in many cases they didn’t teach me, but instead I was taking from them what I needed and then went on. I could mention Georgi Sarandev who left a very special trace on me. This is a man from my home town Dobrich, who was dealing through his entire life with finding young talents. The truth is that he didn’t find me, it was me who went and presented myself to him. At this time my sister was singing in his band and I told her that I want her to meet me with him. She denied me and then I decided that I can do this myself. I went to an audition, no one there knew whose brother I was, I sang and I left. My sister told me later what his reactions were.

How do you see your chances in the struggle for the first place at the Eurovision?

I don’t believe in the good luck and I don’t think that the Eurovision should be perceived as the European championship in music. We are not gladiators in order to fight between each other. I don’t want to be seen blood, sweat or too big ambition of the performer. I believe that a good song is happening. Especially on an event like the Eurovision one could hear a lot of great songs. You cannot tell that one song is better that another. The songs are simply nice for what they are.

Did you have the chance to listen to the Greek nominations for song? Which one do you think will win and do you believe that it would be a strong competition to “Angel si ti”?

I am almost certain that “Opa” by Georgios Aleksos and friends will win. I have no inside information, however I am certain that this will be the choice of Greece. And when we speak of competition I have to admit that the two songs “Opa” and “Angel si ti” are very different. Of course that the whole world likes snapping the fingers and opa-opa. However I have to point out that this is a local style. In Bulgaria the pop folk is obtained. Me personally, I wouldn’t write that kind of song just so that I would follow the trends. I would push myself to write that kind of song unless it comes naturally. The success is always welcome, but not at any price.

What kind of music do you listen to in your spare time?

Recently I went back to the 80s. For example I recently like to listen “Like a virgin” by Madonna – today I could appreciate this album much better and I realize that this is a very good album. I went back to albums that I never thought I would listen again. I went back to the roots of the pop music – Michael Jackson “Thriller”, Prince, George Michael, pop music, electro – pop and so on. From the contemporary music however I start liking less and less and this starts to scare me a bit. When you stop listening to MTV and you switch on the VH1 it seems your years have passed or you have died.

Is this your first visit in Athens?

I come in Athens for the first time, however this is not my first time in Greece. I have been many times in Thessaloniki and I also know the Greek resorts. I like Greece. The truth is that I am not picky as long as I am somewhere at a sunny and warm place and this is enough.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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