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Moon's nodes

28 June 2010 / 16:06:09  GRReporter
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I decided to write about the Moon’s nodes immediately after the Sun and Moon. Very rarely it is spoken and written of the nodal axis (Axis of the Moon’s nodes, from nodes, nodal axis) at such an early stage.
    Very little attention is paid to this factor in modern western astrology. Most people believe the Moon nodes to be "karmic indicator, linked to previous incarnations. And this is a subject  which the western world has viewed as somewhat suspicious and with a smile, even by practicing astrologers. I do not like that word "karma". It has been given such a ridiculous meaning in the modern western world that its real meaning has been completely destroyed. In Sanskrit the word "karma" means - "work; action; deed; act; result of action". And continuing this line of thought, the whole horoscope of the man is a karma. There is no such thing as "karmic horoscope".
    In the modern western world probably people prefer to separate the things - "This is karma, and that is not" – for a reason that the concept of the so-called. free will has been made in cult. The western man doesn’t like the claims that there are events in life that he can not change in any way. But they just happen. I will pay special attention to the "human free will" in another article, because this is a sensitive and misunderstood topic. In my very first article I wrote that the ancient Greeks and the stoicism as a philosophy have argued that one should live in accordance with Nature, in accordance with the "cosmic, natural harmony". It is exactly this argument which has much in common with the human free will.
    In Tetrabiblos of Ptolemy nothing is written about the Moon nodes. On one hand that makes sense, because they are not planets. Lunar nodes are not even physical celestial objects. They are fictitious points, mathematical points. The overall and comprehensive concept for them was transferred to India and Indian astrology Rahu and Ketu are considered in a lot more comprehensive way. In the western astrology, in part, their importance and symbolism are covered by three unseen planets beyond Saturn - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
    From pure astronomical point of view the Moon’s nodes are the points which intersect the Moon's orbit around the Earth with the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun). The point where the moon crosses the ecliptic on its way from south to north is called North (ascending) node. In astrology is a term and Rahul (Rahu). The point where the moon crosses the ecliptic on its way from north to south is called the Southern (descending) node. In astrology is called Ketu (Ketu). These two terms - Rahu and Ketu are the equivalents in Sanskrit of the two lunar nodes. Two lunar nodes are always exactly 180 ° apart from one another.

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