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Multiculturalism and Other Tales

31 July 2014 / 10:07:48  GRReporter
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In the West, the centuries-underlying movement of rationalism and doubt over everything (politics, religion, science) that was rooted in the Ancient Greece and Roman spirit heritage finally eroded and tore down the medieval religious barbarism. But Islam could never transcend itself.  It had no cultural identity in the times before Muhammad, no Antigone to openly oppose God’s commandments, and a total exclusion of one of the sexes from any productive activity (except for the reproductive one), it is still anchored in the patterns of 600 B.C. This proved quite convenient, because an authoritarian and intolerant religion is the best match for an equally authoritarian and expansionistic power. Even the enlightened period of the Fatimid could not exist for long – Saladin wiped it out unceremoniously and restored the Sunni power.

Christianity today cannot be compared to Islam, because these are two absolutely different doctrines. Christianity is only a religion to the believers and the substantial or purely formal ways they choose to profess it.  The rest of its doctrines are invalidated. Islam is still a comprehensive way of life and legislation, of course.

Naturally, not all Muslims are the same. There are Muslims in Serbia, in the European part of Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt who are atheists. But they are the minority there. In some countries, they are a tiny and persecuted minority. At the same time, there is a huge number of Muslims around the world who have adopted in their everyday life some of the most repulsive and inhuman customs we can imagine.  We witnessed those with the Taliban, Al Qaeda, in Chechnya, and Yemen and now we see it happening in Syria with the Islamic Caliphate. What is their purpose? They have never tried to hide it. Destroy Western civilization! And if Christianity, with its ‘love thy neighbour’ and after the first and second admonition reject’, organized the Crusades and the mass burnings, what could be expected of Islam whose dogma commands spreading religion by the sword?

Therefore, the answer to the question if the Western world and Islam can coexist depends on which Islam we are talking about. If this is its minority, which, similar to Christianity, limits itself to the salvation of souls and several rituals once a year, the obvious answer is yes, they can.

But if we mean the hordes of beasts that slay innocent people and shoot the ‘ceremony’ with their mobiles, the answer is NEVER and AT NO COST! There is not even the slightest chance for them to change. When you keep half of the population inactive and resisting against technological progress, you have no future. You are sentenced to eternal poverty and backwardness. The abyss between the West and fanatic Islam is getting deeper. And since no fanatic will admit that fanaticism is the cause of his misery, he points a finger at his enemy: the hateful (since the times of the Crusades) Western world.

Do not make haste to say ‘I don’t care’. The twin-tower terrorists lived in Germany and the USA. Jihadists recruit new ‘martyrs of Allah’ in Europe. Official data from France, Belgium and Germany point out the fact that at least 3000 European citizens, Muslims with European passports are in the battle fields of Syria among the fighting Jihadists. 14 volunteers from France have already been killed. Do we know how many departed from Greece?

If and when they return from their ‘training’ in decapitation, torture, mass executions and fidelity to the cause of imposing Islam to its opponents, in your opinion, how easy would it be to reintegrate them into Western values, such as mutual respect and tolerance? Or, probably, they had never sincerely adopted them?

Western values are based on a delusion: the belief that the other will adopt them no matter what. Life has refuted this. Hundreds of thousands of female circumcisions are annually performed in Europe by doctors, either Muslims or regular practising women. Millions of Muslim women suffer physical or psychological abuse but do not complain, because the revenge of the tribe will be merciless.

Would a law be in conflict with human rights if it obligates all girls from Muslim families  to visit a non-Muslim gynaecologist  annually from birth until adolescence and, in the case that circumcision is found, for the parents to be extradited immediately and the child to be given up for adoption?

Would it be too much for the countries of origin of the European Jihadists to deny them re-entry in their ‘motherland’?  

Would declaring the marriage of minors invalid, constitute a llack of tolerance towards other cultures?

And since there is this uneasily numerous group of ‘professionals of unilateral humanitarian sensitivity’ for whom the rights of the Muslims far outweigh the right s of the rest, I am quick to explain again that fanatics piss me off regardless of whether they are Christians, Confucians, or devotees of the flying spaghetti monster. But on the other hand, I will not fight against the extinction of the last minuscule remains of medieval Christianity while you pass the entire ‘Nile’ of medieval Islam through the back door in the name of the ‘different’! We are not going to dedicate pages in the newspapers to fight the bishops of Piraeus and Kalavrita, and not publish a single short note on the mufti who preaches the same or even worse things. We condemn, and rightfully so, the violent European who slaps his wife but we get distracted when girls are beaten to death or executed just because they wanted to go to school.

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