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In November we risk in order to win

27 October 2012 / 19:10:40  GRReporter
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This article will inform you about the astrological picture for the period from 1 to 30 November and which people it will affect. While moving in the celestial sphere, planets activate different parts of the astrological sign and that is why the astrological climate they set affects everyone in a different way, as it is in direct relation to his or her individual horoscope.

In the previous article I informed you that on 5 October, Saturn makes its transition from the sign of Libra to the sign of Scorpio, where it will stay for the next two and a half years. In the first months, Saturn will be positioned in an area, symbolizing that it is the time to plant new seeds and to remove the useless weeds. Only what the world needs survives. Progress in all directions remains the core of October too - risky steps, surprising decisions and reorganization. Everything initiated during this period will have great power, strength and sustainability over time.

Jupiter’s retrograde phase began at that time too - 6 October, and it will last about 120 days. Retrograde phases are always a symbol of a return, we make revaluations, we see things in a more sober and realistic way. This period especially is the time when everyone, in one way or another, will have a clearer view of where he or she is going, what water he or she is wading in and what he or she has been involved in.

I expected the days between 5 and 15 October to be very dynamic. Everything seems to be eagerly rising from all sides, requiring immediate decisions and actions. For public institutions, this could have been a very tense time, but also very effective – full of almost revolutionary decisions, which would have long-term influence and very long-lasting consequences. I also expected the manifestation of two extremes after 15 October - an intense fear and a refusal to take a risk, on the one hand, and reckless courage to bet on presumably losing cards, on the other.

What is the situation in November? November astrologically seems pretty interesting with the astrological combinations of planets. First, this is a month with two eclipses - lunar and solar. Such months always attract the attention with some very interesting events worldwide. People who are personally affected by these eclipses experience major life events.

The solar eclipse is on 13 November, and the lunar - on 28 November.

The solar eclipse will take place in the sign Scorpio and its symbol is associated with a process of transformation in a very revolutionary way. The overall picture formed during this eclipse shows that a head of state somewhere in the world may be affected. It is also interesting that the U.S. elections are held only a week earlier amid a solar eclipse. This suggests that these particular presidential elections, and the next president, will probably remain in history for something special.

The lunar eclipse is on 28 November. It is a climactic phase of events which began in June 2011. Then we had a serious deepening of the global economic crisis and the lunar eclipse now in November seems to be a peak. A peak of the bottom, if I may say so. This is a time for final decisions, for a turnover in some sense. I guess that some decisions will be taken globally, which will put a kind of an end to this crisis. The motto will be "Now or never, so that we won't be troubled any more by the fear that we will repeat the past." The ghost of last century's Great Depression is still haunting the minds of analysts today and it is time for the world to deal with it.

Mercury's third and final retrograde phase is from 6 to 26 November. Mercury is the planet of communication, information, mental connections, skilful hands, details, movement in all its forms. All this falls under some kind of a challenge and may confuse and disturb the normal rhythm in everyday life. Retrograde Mercury makes us doubt whether we say what we should. It also provokes frequent changes in the direction of our thoughts and decisions. We may also make a mistake in something important which could slow us down.

Often by accident, retrograde Mercury brings some information to the surface. This will be particularly important for the people who were born between 25 to 27 November.

The parallel manifestation of two "forces" is expected throughout November. On the one hand this is the desire for progress, the desire not to let the occasion slip by, to get everything life offers. On the other, this is the gripping fear of taking risks. The desire to fight and to prove that nothing is impossible will prevail. I expect very strong reactions even for minor things. The courage to take risks comes somehow spontaneously. But the thought "Does fighting make any sense?" also comes spontaneously. Such a combination can make you either risk or give up everything.

I will now point out the areas in the zodiac affected by the planetary movements in November. And I will also indicate the dates when the Sun will be nearly in these areas and therefore, will have an influence on the people born on these dates regardless of the year. For the other planets, you need to check your personal horoscope. Look at the table, find the relevant planet and connect the keywords for it with what I have written.

Period 1 - 30 November for people with a planet in the area:

13° - 19° Taurus (people born between 3 and 8 May),

November keeps bringing opportunities. You have great clarity regarding where you are going and what you are willing to undertake. You are laying the foundations of new things with a special significance in the years ahead. People are entering or coming back into your life and around these people you will end up exactly where you've wanted to. The material side of life is very active - finance, real estate, possessions. This is a period in which you have great chances to receive a lot of presents by fate. But do not forget the great secret of life - in order to get something, first you need to show that you know how to handle it. The beauty of life is not in accumulation, but in having something to give to others.

Period 5-20 November for people with a planet in the area:

17° - 27° Taurus (people born between 7 and 17 May),

You are among the people to whom the solar eclipse on 13 November brings something special. You will probably encounter a conflict or the need to make a decision associated with the symbolism of the affected planet. You will find yourself in a position in which you have no choice - someone else will involve you and it will be impossible for you to go back or to continue without making some kind of a change.

Period 1-30 November for people with a planet in the area:

0° - 10° Gemini (people born between 21 and 31 May)

The whole month of November brings you a variety of things. Just as you like it, so that you don't get bored. You will have the feeling that you have woken up to certain things in your life related to the affected planet and you will somehow rush to them - here, now and immediately. You are becoming very sensitive to criticism these days, but you should know that criticism is just a way to find out that people secretly admire your confidence and ability to follow your true nature. If you stop doing this in order to win the approval of others, you will lose their admiration. And this is exactly what you strive for, isn't it? The end of November also brings you a lunar eclipse. Everything around you, which started in June 2011, will now bear its fruit - for better or worse. It is associated with the planet in the area and affects something which has been present in your life since the end of June 2011. You will receive the final information you need, all the cards are now open - it is time for a real start or for a real end.

Period 1-30 November for people with a planet in the area:

9° - 15° Cancer (people born between 1 and 6 July)

This is a time when you will be immersed very deeply in your own emotional world. You'll encounter things which you haven't even suspected that you may carry inside you and which you have had misconceptions about. You are living in very turbulent times, but these are only inside you. Others may never understand what is happening in your head. On the one hand this can be quite a painful period, but on the other, it's time to let go. You'll probably get to the bottom of some problems you may have. Prepare for unexpected emotions, thoughts and situations. The deep may be deeper than you expected. It is possible to try to compensate for this by rushing into huge amounts of food or intimacy and sex. Be reasonable - this will not solve anything, it only deceives your senses.

Period 1-30 November for people with a planet in the area:

21° - 26° Cancer (people born between 13 and 18 July),

This is a time when you may find yourself in a situation which you do not understand at all. And the more you don't understand it, the more fiercely and energetically you try to fix it. You are extremely sensitive to all the changes coming into your life, before you have fitted them into your inner organizational structure. It is possible to reject someone or something just because you do not understand them or they do not fit into your personal logical system. Before rejecting, try to understand. Don't be so quick to give untimely and unrequested opinions, because they will have no weight, and it is highly likely that you will later change them.

Period 5-20 November for people with a planet in the area:

26° Cancer - 2° Leo (people born between 19 and 25 July)

This is a time when you'll "hit the road" in search of something. The road not only in terms of a trip in the literal sense, but also in its symbolical - mental and information - sense. Something will attract your attention and will awaken your curiosity and you will go after it. Interesting days with many discoveries are forthcoming. It is possible that you may make a trip to a place you have always wanted to go to.

Period 1-30 November for people with a planet in the area:

4° - 9° Libra (people born between 26 September and 1 October)

This is a time when you are in the final phase of a period which will renew your life almost completely. It is time to complete the ongoing "repairs" here and there. In particular, the first days of November are loaded with a great opportunity for you to find an individual approach and a way to achieve your personal goals. It may be a little bit selfish, but the benefits will not be for you only. You have the chance to make some things from the past stay forever there and never come back.

Period 1-30 November for people with a planet in the area:

15° - 21° Libra (people born between 8 and 14 October)

This is a time when your personal behaviour will undergo a change. It may be a result of encountering a specific risky situation, from which you will escape completely unscathed. Or vice versa - you may experience life threatening circumstances and because of them completely change your behaviour, and thus get easily away freely and without consequences. These days you are extremely sensitive and therefore you find out impeccably what is the best way to behave properly, which path is the best to take and where it is best to stand. Not only is luck with you, you're the luck - for yourself and for the ones around you.

Period 1-10 November for people with a planet in the area:

7° - 13° Scorpio (people born between 30 October and 5 November),

This is a very gracious time for you. You can make a huge step towards achieving your personal interests and intentions. Your enterprising nature will feel which way the wind of change is blowing so that to will fly in unison with it. Now is the time to make a desired change and to leave what you think is useless and harmful in the past.

Period 1-30 November for people with a planet in the area:

13° - 19° Scorpio (people born between 5 and 11 November)

This is a time when your creative side is in full swing. Like it or not, you will somehow stand out - sometimes in a nice way for you, but it may be due to involvement in more unpleasant situations. Regardless of the circumstances, however, you leave people with the impression that you can contribute to a given cause, project, work or relationship. Every word, glance or gesture of yours can deeply affect others. Use your time adequately in order to show the best of yourself, which will be evaluated accordingly. Do not succumb to depression because if you do, this will be the thing you will stand out for - depression.

Period 5-20 November for people with a planet in the area:

17° - 27° Scorpio (people born between 9 and 19 November)

During this month you among the people to whom the solar eclipse of 13 November brings something special. You will probably start a whole new phase in a given sphere of life. It is a time for a radical change, initiated by you yourself. Nobody will be able to distract you from your intentions. You are on the move.

Period 15-30 November for people with a planet in the area:

0° - 8° Sagittarius (people born between 22 and 30 November),

This is a time when you will have the desire to follow not only your beliefs. And this is something which is desirable for you to do. You will probably find yourself in a situation requiring you to choose between whether to comply with others or to follow your own beliefs and your own way, no matter if others like it or not. You will be looking for ways to feel good and the right way to achieve this is to stay true to yourself.

The end of November also brings you a lunar eclipse. Everything around you, which started in June 2011, will now bear its fruit - for better or worse. It is associated with the planet in the area and affects something which has been present in your life since the end of June 2011. You will receive the final information you need, all the cards are now open - it is time for a real start or for a real end.

Period 1-15 November for people with a planet in the area:

28° Sagittarius - 4° Capricorn (people born between 19 and 25 December),

This is a time when you may experience a fear of the future in connection with an area of life, symbolized by the affected planet. Fear will make you wince at the slightest noise or a change in the surrounding environment and the people around you. Bet on your inner confidence that everything will eventually sort itself out properly. How can you do this? Find a way - even if it is a close shave.

Period 1-30 November for people with a planet in the area:

9° - 15° Capricorn (people born between 30 December and 5 January)

This is a time when you are obsessed by the feeling that you need to find something worth fighting for. The "fighter" lives in you - for good and for bad. You just need to hear someone say that something is impossible. You may encounter risky situations or start fighting against everything and everyone. Your presence may become unbearable for others and only because you have ended up in a situation in which you think everyone is against you. However, be selective - use your powers where it really makes sense. Do not throw them indiscriminately against people.

Period 5-15 November for people with a planet in the area:

28° Aquarius - 2° Pisces (people born between 16 and 20 February)

Expect events related to the basic functions of the affected planet. These days there will be a powerful impetus to everything related to this planet. You may take off the rose-coloured glasses you have been wearing so far. Even if the events may seem accidental they will develop in the coming months. You are about to part with some of your illusions and to see reality in a more unpleasant light.

Period 1-30 November for people with a planet in the area:

22° - 28° Pisces (people born between 12 and 18 March)

This is a time when you are still in the process of termination and release of various things. You are turning to new ones which are unfamiliar. You will realize that you're not just on the verge of major changes in your life, but that these changes are needed. You will find yourself in a situation in which you cannot stay. To avoid the depressive feeling you may embark on different adventures, entertainment and fun. The crisis continues and the only thing you have to overcome is the fear of the unknown, so you can make a step in the desired direction. You do not want to repeat anything from the past and therefore through this crisis you are looking for new ways and new places.

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