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One solar and one lunar eclipse portend stormy May

30 April 2013 / 15:04:50  GRReporter
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    In this article, I will give an astrological overview of the period from 1 to 31 May. As usual, I will present the general picture first and then, I will make the individual forecasts.
    In the previous article, I informed you that April was expected to be a month of experiments, when one could jump into something new and unknown, which would result in a great deal of surprise.
    25 April was the date of the first eclipse of 2013. The symbolism of the zodiacal section in which it fell is related to the balance of nature, to securing the conditions that are necessary for the new to come. On the one hand, the atmosphere is peaceful and quiet, "lulling", but on the other, quick and sharp sabre strikes are coming aiming to destroy everything that threatens the peaceful path of the new and young. So, in a socio-political perspective, I expected that this eclipse would provoke the question related to the "efficient allocation of resources, to ensure that everyone benefits" from that. Since it affected the signs of Taurus - Scorpio, it implied that it might be related to the overall structure of the global banking system.
    Moreover, in the days close to the eclipse, I expected the awakening of sharper weather events such as storms and hurricanes.
    There will be new developments from 10 March to 25 July and everyone somehow will face certain people and situations, which will make him or her feel that he or she is taking a new direction in an area of ​​life. I will remind you of this in each general article, since the duration is longer.
    What will the astrological picture in May be? May seems to be a very important month, because it contains interesting planetary configurations that are not so common. This is one of the few months during which we will observe two eclipses - one solar and one lunar.
    The solar eclipse will be on 10 May. The symbolism of the section in which it will occur is associated with birth and death, with regeneration, with unpredictability and secrecy. There is some "severity" related to it, some aggressive and uncompromising actions. Earth and Nature can also bring some extreme developments in the next few months. Volcanic activity is affected and it is highly likely that it will further evolve in the coming months.
    The lunar eclipse will be on 25 May. It will occur in a section whose symbolism is strength, power and protection. In combination, the two eclipses mean, "being cruel and severe, but only to protect life and survival." On a larger social and political scale, moves are possible, that will aim at some type of protection associated with the independence of states rather than with their unification. Nationalism as a phenomenon will somewhat intensify. It is not excluded that nature will "rebel" against human attacks here and there and that it will try to protect itself.
    It is possible that people who are more sensitive might be unable to relax throughout the month, especially during sleep. That is why I would recommend that they avoid overloading their stomachs with heavy meals.
    May seems to be the month of unpredictable contracts that violate the rules but which contain a brilliant idea for defence and protection of people's lives in contrast. Contracts mainly related to financial and material benefits under which each country will tend to defend its own interest, looking for a personal gain. I assume that on a wider public scale, various intergovernmental agreements will be concluded and we, the ordinary citizens, will learn about that later. Business, favourable financial relations and mutual projects. There might be a huge strain on the financial sector.
    Objectively speaking, some of the best financial and material projects could happen in the days up to 25 May. For some people, these days could be the launchpad to success in the world of money, power and prestige.
    Bulgaria will hold parliamentary elections only two days after the solar eclipse. This is always a sign of something special, which will evolve during the term of the newly elected government. Since I do not have the birth hours of the biggest contenders in the election race, I am unable to make any forecast as regards their chances. However, I suppose that we could witness the most absurd twists that no one has ever expected.
    I will now write how the various sectors of the zodiac will be affected – the issues that can be provoked and the type of events you can expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them.
    Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

29 December – 9 January

For you, May will be a key month in terms of work and career. Somehow, your fulfilment will be refreshed. You will have access to opportunities to climb up the ladder and take a better and a higher position, to become stronger and to obtain more power, to become stable. This will not pass without “clouds” and conflicts, and maybe you will make yourself enemies. This will make you think about whether it is worth doing so. In terms of private (intimate) life, you should expect competition and rivalry as well as some challenges in the second half of the month.

10 January - 22 January

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