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Public activists or individualists

20 August 2011 / 17:08:31  GRReporter
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If we look around we can divide people into two main categories. Those who hardly ever fall for public causes, who are rarely interested in social processes, living somewhat closed in their own lives. And those who could not imagine life without dealing with various social and community issues. They are actively involved and are always people who have a stand point. Not that others do not have one. It’s just not public. Of course, everyone is connected with society. Each person has his place in the social network. But not everyone is willing to participate in public life - politics, governance, reforms, protests and so on. A person can have a very dynamic and open way of life filled with great involvement in society and at the same time he can be an individualist and not especially interested in public causes and active participation in civil society.

In this article I will write about how we can understand whether a particular person is a "public figure" or "individualist". By saying "public figure" I mean "being involved in things that happen, even if they do not affect you personally". And when I say “individualists” I mean exactly the opposite - "not being interested in social processes that do not affect you personally". I rush to make it clear that neither category is better or worse than the other.

In the mid - 20th century American psychologist Abraham Maslow created a hierarchy of human needs. He remained in the history of psychology and human resources with his famous pyramid. While viewing it, I related it not only to the individual needs but alsoto the social ones. Maslow's pyramid led my thoughts in another direction on a much more global scale. About the strata in society, the needs of society. I have written before too that people live divided in the various strata of the society. No matter how fuzzy the boundary between them is at present, they still exist and nobody could deny it. Only this time I will not write specifically about them, but about the role of different people.

Everyone has their collective role in society. Imagine a group of 12 people. This is the number of zodiac signs, because each sign has a specific energy and necessity in general. Together the 12 characters form the perfect whole, they form our earthly world in every dimension and diversity.
Analysis of individual horoscope includes the revealing of highlighted zodiac signs and planets. After a description of each type of people I will briefly give you what are the signals in a horoscope, which define different types of people. I must stress however that this analysis is much more serious than it seems at first glance.

The first type of people are as a pillar for all the others - they provide for their survival. Theirs is the task to provide them a solid basis for existence. Through examination and endurance tests. Their life purpose and direction are to create such a basis. And this can not happen without intense retrospection, in depth study and analysis. Such activities can not be carried out without seclusion, without isolation, with no thoughts in private. And they rarely are public people. They have this need, they are absorbed in themselves, in their research related to the stability of all aspects of life. This is the man who can not go into society and deal with any public activity, if he has not made sure that he rests on solid ground – he has the knowledge necessary to control everything from beginning to end. He first looks for his secure a strong foundation. His interest in super personable causes - "No thanks. Let someone else undertake them." These are the most self absorbed people. They take part in social processes only when their security is threatened.

They are, however, extremely provocative. They follow the principle: "In order to see if this is a solid brick, I have to throw it, to hit something." Thus they are often destroyers. But these are the people without whom the life of everyone else is questionable. Paradoxically but true - we all have great need of particularly these self absorbed, isolated people whose work is almost to only find problems in life. We rarely understand that if we do not know where the problems are, how to fix them, we would hardly survive.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Aries and Gemini. I am not necessarily talking about the Sun in these signs. It is enough for these signs to be highlighted in the individual horoscope. By the planets - Mars and Mercury.

The second type of people again have as vital purpose to ensure the existence of others. Once again we are talking about an in-depth study of life, about intensive retrospection, isolation. The difference with the first type is that they tend to participate in public processes, but only those that affect their close circle - friends, work, neighbors, relatives. In fact, they have an inner closed optimism and they always expect their opportunity to show what they have found. They are very consistent and purposeful when you find a strong and stable foundation in life. Thereafter, they do not test it as would a person of the first type do. They seek the opportunity to share it with others. And in this process that can be extremely narrow minded. But for them this is the healthy lifestyle.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Aries and Cancer. By the planets - Mars and Moon.

The third type I give to the people who have already entered the stable base and are happy and enjoying the simple life. They always strive to maintain harmony in their lives. But they don’t always manage to do it. The more they prefer to live in a calm and quiet way, the more someone knocks on their door. Because they create a sense of security and that attracts people to them - to seek them for help and friendship. They are very secretive and sneaky, locked in their beautiful "garden". And there the unauthorized access is very limited. They are not self-absorbed as the previous types. Being self absorbed involves thinking about something, study. And they lack this. They are really relaxed in their loneliness, without speculating, just livng.

These people are also not public figures. Exception is their circle of friends. For friends, for people who are admitted to the "personal paradise" they are ready to do anything. But they are a little more open to public causes. When something affects them very personally. They will participate actively and diligently in the protest against the interest on loans because they have one and it affects them personally. Very privately. And they will remain on the square until the last minute. While the goal is achieved. For everything else they will just look calmly, nodding to an understanding with the head and the will explain you how they are good nothing. That's right - they will be happy to explain how you are better than them and how you should be the one to take up with another social initiative. They are reluctant to engage with others.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Taurus and Cancer. By the planets - Venus and Moon.

The fourth type. They are similar to the third type of people in terms of their desire to live in harmony and peace. Friends who have been admitted close to them are their main public commitment. These people are very practical and pragmatic. They have a special style of life. On the one hand they are trying to protect their privacy and to live peacefully in it. On the other hand they constantly attract people to themselves in an ambiguous way. Create the impression that they would participate in any public or civil initiative that they would always help for everything, that it will respond even at 3 AM to get you aspirin. They would do this - yes. But not for everyone. First you must be among the chosen ones. The bad part is that you may be wrong for a very long time. They need to attract people around them, to provide their capabilities and then withdraw again in peace. If they don’t do this, the community - family, friends, colleagues - is set very negatively towards them.

These people are able to participate in super personable causes only when they have a stable solution that can be used. And yet I would not call these people public figures, willing to put aside all personal in the name of socium.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Taurus and Leo. By the planets - the Sun and Venus.

The fifth type. These people are an interesting combination. On the one hand they are not the typical public man who will go to protest, to make a contribution out of pure humanism. They would do this just to see what happens. Deep down, they have a strong pessimism. If you invite them somewhere, for something where they would not actively participate in the decision making, their instinctive reaction is to think - "It will be difficult." But they will encourage you and will attend just to see if you will fail.

These people we can actually attributable to the group of public figures. But only at first glance. Because they have an innate need to see success and failure - under what circumstances it happens. But on the other hand, if we see them somewhere fighting for some justice, then surely one thing is clear - they have some personal benefit for something. At least they will there be, where solutions are being sought and where they can shine with their versatility and ability to resolve critical situations. And that eventually brings personal benefit. If they would remain unnoticed, it would only be due to the fact that these benefits are not worth it.
The interesting thing about this type of people is that they almost never change their views. They adapt to the others, just to make them change their perceptions and get them to agree with them. In simple language, I call this manipulation. Without putting any negativity in that. Ultimately, this type of people really know how to see the mistakes of others. As they can also be invaluable in times of chaos and disorder. But do not look for them if they have no personal gain.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Gemini and Leo. By the planets - the Sun and Mercury.

The sixth type. These people have a deep innate wisdom of nature and life processes. Surely I can attributed this group of people to the public figures. Those who would engage in public causes for the sake of the causes. They are able to cope with challenges in life and can be a living example in this direction. But! They can give an objective opinion about what measures to take, what techniques to use, how to organize things. And they will stay away from all activity. These people are usually given the nickname - standing aside and giving savvy. There is much sarcasm. And the paradox after the sarcasm is that usually these people are right. Their innate wisdom, the challenges they face in their personal lives, makes them extremely profound and objective. Observers. They are actively involved in super personable processes as observers. What they contribute with is their wisdom that remains somewhat hidden beneath the surface and too often unappreciated.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Gemini and Virgo. By the planets - Mercury.

The seventh type. These people can not live in isolation. They have a constant need to maintain their contacts. Any type of contacts. Is vital for them to attend wherever able. To call from time to time to everyone they know. Public figures. They actively participate in public life precisely through their contacts. I guess you know some people who never actually do anything themselves. They always find someone to do the work. In their phone book they have people for everything. Their main function is to connect people. Therefore they are all very active in community activities, because only there they can fill their phonebook with the names of new people who would be useful in case of need.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Cancer and Virgo. By the planets - Moon and Mercury.

The eighth type. Here we come to a very special kind of people. Extremely sociable and at the same time infinitely strictly headed on their way. We cannot talk at all about public activities and participation in causes in the "name of the people". They do not isolate themselves, nor are strongly self absorbed. They are active and have a wide range of contacts, they are dynamic, but do not look for them. Unless you give them the opportunity to dig into some stable walk of life that would provide them with eternal security and stability. To some extent they overlap with the first type of people. With the difference that they do not analyze the life to come to the real things. They analyze it to dig in the right place. And they usually rely on their contacts for this purpose. Relationships in life, friends, acquaintances, are vital for their survival.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Libra and Capricorn. By the planets - Saturn and Venus.

Ninth type. These people are those whom we call individualists, troublemakers, swimming against the tide. Very attractive, always surrounded by people who want something from them. Despite their apparent activity and constant involvement with people, they are reluctant to participate in public processes if they can not offer something unique. Something to distinguish them from everyone else. However, they keep running their attractiveness. These people are highly concerned about their appearance, about their image, about how others perceive them. They have all kinds of methods to attract people around them, because only in this way they can express their individuality and abilities.
Here we are talking about public persons, but only in specific cases. When they will be on top of the mountain and will lead and control. The cause is not so important as is the ability to be in the spotlight. Everything is personal, and The Godfather would say, everything comes down to expressing their personal abilities.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Aquarius and Libra. By the planets - Uranus and Venus.

Tenth type. This type of people are impossible to be influenced from the outside. This is the hardest group of people in society. There are the people whom we call natural talents. Usually they have a specific talent that is visible to all the others, but not to themselves. And we are going into the most conflict personal dilemma: "Everyone is telling me that I was born talent. Are they crazy? Why don’t they leave me alone?. These are people who almost never seek to prove themselves - neither individually nor socially. They are extremely reclusive, and nothing from the outside can have a major influence on them. They can be driven to some public cause very rare. But if and when this happens ... be prepared for a furore. It is not necessary that this affects them personally. It is enough to face the right people for them. They can be absolutely and totally committed.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Aquarius and Scorpio. By the planets - Uranus and Pluto (or Mars).

Eleventh type. The last two types of people are most focused on any type of public and social life. This type of people, the eleventh, although they are slightly more difficult to get involved, they are always on display somewhere. They strive to be visible. In most of their life they are those who always watch and know what is happening in society. These are the biggest optimists in life. Dreams, ideals, and perfection are always in their minds and in their words. Interestingly, they themselves would rarely be occupied to initiate something. But the motivation they can give to others, is unique. When confronted with something that attracts them and penetrates deep into their soul, they can make it visible in amazing proportions. They are extremely good storytellers and orators. It is enough for them to be convinced themselves. They can unite large groups of people around some cause or idea. And they themselves build stonewalls around them, they always keep the space around them intact. And this gives them an unusual charisma.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Scorpio and Pisces. By the planets - Neptune and Pluto (or Mars).

Twelfth type. Like the previous eleventh type, these people are very socially engaged. With one small difference. The eleventh type of people are able to travel the world alone, proclaiming an idea or cause. Trying to motivate people and bring them together around it. As Levski did. Always alone, and following the principle: "If someone loses, let this be just me." While the twelfth type of people are always looking for partnership. They do the same, but only if they were able to find a suitable partner and ally for them. Someone who can create for them a sense of security and stability, to share everything with them.

With this type of people the focus is on the signs Pisces and Sagittarius. By the planets - Jupiter and Neptune

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