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September is the month of vanity in us

14 September 2013 / 20:09:32  GRReporter
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Virgo falls in the sixth house. You become very vain when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, regimes, diets, sports, etc. You pay particularly strong attention to the physical health, strength and shape of your body and you never miss the opportunity to inform others about your new diet and what its effect is. Your physical fitness is your greatest vanity which increases with age, since the process of aging cannot be stopped. The sixth house is associated with our ability to fight and win and go through difficulties. Therefore, you're especially vain regarding topics that affect victories you have achieved.

Ascendant in Taurus

Virgo falls in the fifth house. Your vanity is provoked by love in life, having children, but also by anything that is the result of your personal creativity and individual talent. You want everything about these things to be perfect. This is your pride and you strongly need to demonstrate it in order to get compliments. In terms of children, you are parents who forcefully try to have “the perfect” children. In terms of love and everything that you create (even if it is an ordinary salad) you are the vainest and have the most requirements.

Ascendant in Gemini

Virgo falls in the fourth house. Your vanity is provoked in terms of home and family traditions. Furniture and home comfort are things in which you look for perfection. Family relations and their image in society is a subject that makes you deeply vain. Your mother’s social status and your possessions in the form of immovable property also provoke vanity. These are the things for which you do your best and do not fail to proudly present to others.

Ascendant in Cancer

Virgo falls in the third house. You are vain in terms of the knowledge that you have, in terms of your skills as a craft. You pay particular attention to a special type of manual skills and exhibit strong vanity if they are valued. The field of the third house also includes all kinds of communication devices and knowledge sources - computers, phones, books, etc. Your vehicles - cars, motorbikes, bicycles, also fall within the scope of this house. These are the things in which you look for the best and sometimes even go beyond your financial capabilities.

Ascendant in Leo

Virgo falls in the second house. You are vain in terms of all your financial and material resources. This mainly affects the amount of resources in the form of bank accounts, securities, jewellery, etc. - anything that belongs personally to you. The second house also includes even the clothes we wear and the food we eat. These are the things in terms of which you manifest vanity. You always put on an accessory that accentuates your budget or order food in a restaurant with which to attract the interest of others.

Ascendant in Virgo

Virgo is your Ascendant and covers the first house. Your vanity is very personal, focused on the way you look in general - manners, behaviour, appearance, and vision; in a word – your personal image. You pay extremely strong attention to the opinion of others. Therefore, you are highly sensitive to etiquette in society and all dress code rules, as well as places designated to be meeting points for your social stratum. The first house also includes the environment in which you live as a geographical place, and the people who inhabit it.

Ascendant in Libra

Virgo falls in the twelfth house. Your vanity is provoked in terms of charity and philanthropy in life, spiritual experiences, etc. Giving up something that brings pleasure or a personal property in the name of a cause can be your greatest pride and vanity. You always want to participate in such events and in a way that certainly gives you an opportunity to get applause. The twelfth house is also relevant to the ways in which you have a holiday and relax: the destination, organisation, company and photos - everything has to be perfect.

Ascendant in Scorpio

Virgo falls in the eleventh house. Your vanity is provoked in terms of the social circle to which you belong and friendships that you create and people who somehow you patronise. You also manifest particular vanity in terms of your personal desires, goals and their achievement. For you, it is impossible to give up the pursuit of achievements. The eleventh house also has a relation to the material flow of benefits in life - not what you can keep in the form of personal possessions, but things to which you have access and can use them no matter if they are yours or not.

Ascendant in Sagittarius

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