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Sexual attraction as a cosmic force for manipulation and transformation

22 March 2014 / 16:03:28  GRReporter
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Everyone has experienced at least once in their life an irresistible, inexplicable and magnetic sexual attraction to someone. It occurs in mere seconds and thereafter every sense and rational thinking simply vanishes. You do not care about anything, but the desire. Sex is one of the things in life which brings the most powerful transformations through which everyone can be manipulated (not just in the negative sense). All commercials, which are designed to manipulate us in order to persuade us to buy something, contain a sexual element in some form. The transforming power of sex is huge, because it seems that there is nothing else in our lives which can compare to the physical sensations which people experience during intimacy. In the East, particularly in China, sex has always been perceived as the most powerful and vital action which generates energy that is "able to control and manage the entire universe."

In today's article I will address the topic of the transforming power of sex - what provokes that inexplicable and irresistible attraction, who the people we cannot resist are, as well as to whom, and what, we "yield" with ease and regardless of the consequences.

In astrology, the eighth house is associated with sex life - its nature and how it develops through life. The eighth house represents that section of the sky, which is analogous to the situation of the Sun shortly before sunset - it starts losing its brightness, heat and light, prepares for the sunset and transforms itself. At precisely the same time, the Moon starts appearing in the sky, and some kind of a union between the Sun and the Moon occurs. The same effect is observed in the early morning, shortly after sunrise, in that section of the sky, which outlines the twelfth house in the horoscope. But the situation is different, so I will not dwell on it. This union of the Sun and the Moon in the eighth house is actually a sexual act in which a man/woman, yin/yang energy unite, in order to inspire life in one another, transform each other and at the same time secure eternal life through the generation they will create.

Therefore, sex in human life has always been and will continue to be particularly attractive, magnetic and captivating and will always have this great transforming power, since it is a pledge of eternal life. There is something specific in terms of sex life for everybody, which has the most powerful personal transformative influence. There are specific situations and people with certain types of individual characteristics that deeply "manipulate" us and awaken a strong sexual desire. In such situations we seem to be enchanted and strongly attracted and we do not care about the consequences - the only important thing is the experience.

The eighth house describes the unexplained and mysterious things which haunt our minds, have great attractiveness and ability to change us completely. One of them is sex itself. If we want to understand what has the strongest attraction in sex itself, we should look at the eighth house, counting from the eighth house. Thus, we come to the third original house in the horoscope. The zodiac sign, in which it falls, planets in it, as well as the planet which rules it, provide information about what type of people and situations represent an eternal sexual mystery for us. Sexual experience in these situations usually results in a serious personal transformation and we often perceive the specific person as godlike (which is not very far from the truth), since we experience some of the brightest moments with him or her.

Read the description according to the sign of your Ascendant, in order to find out who and what can make you lose your head and provoke an inexplicable sexual desire.

Ascendant in Aries

The third house falls in Gemini and is ruled by Mercury. People, whose personal horoscope is actively influenced by this sign, are those who make you yield to temptation. Your sexual barriers automatically fall when you meet someone who shows great interest in you (even if it's not about sex), who is an interesting interlocutor and very well informed, knows all the gossip, has wonderful speech and language skills, makes contacts and acquaintances quickly and easily and loves talking. The hands and gestures of the other make a deep impression on you and this attracts you and manipulates you sexually.

Ascendant in Taurus

The third house falls in Cancer and is ruled by the Moon. People, whose personal horoscope is actively influenced by this sign, are those who make you yield to temptation. Your sexual barriers automatically fall when you meet someone who shows much sympathy and concern for you, makes you feel at home and safe, invites you for lunch or dinner, shows a lot of feelings and emotions and somehow resembles your mother or father. The chest makes a deep impression on you – it attracts you and manipulates you sexually. If you are a man, a woman with well-shaped breasts can obsess you completely. And if you are a woman, a man with well-formed chest muscles attracts you irresistibly.

Ascendant in Gemini

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