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Society will be confused throughout February

01 February 2014 / 21:02:33  GRReporter
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In this article I will present you the astrological picture for the period 1 - 28 February. I will start as usual with the general picture as a whole and then I will make individual forecasts.

In the previous article I informed you that The New Year will start with a New Moon, with the meaning of "immortality and invincibility." This was a signal that you could expect news in the days around 1 January. I suggested that you should pay attention to all new ideas and thoughts that occur to you spontaneously or to every newcomer around you, since they would not be accidental.

In January, almost all the planets were focused on Capricorn, which is a sign focused on progress, ambitions, political structures and public administration. Therefore, I expected that January would impose some news that would make individual countries and political systems somehow stronger and invincible. The beginning of the month contained a planetary picture which implied some tensions in the air which provoked you not to walk along known and comfortable paths.

Venus’s retrograde phase in Capricorn throughout the whole month focused us on categories such as values, meaning, love, etc. Diplomatic relations might be violated, but this applied primarily to those that contain some weakness and lack of prospects. At the individual level, personal relationships would be re-valued and those lacking practicality and meaning would die out, since some very serious problems would appear. Together with Venus, Jupiter was also undergoing its retrograde phase. Therefore, the month was expected to bring a clash of desires and opportunities as well as more pessimism. In such periods, problems of human relations, especially intimate ones, come to the fore. For some reason, everybody would ask themselves the question "Is it worth it? Is there a benefit?" since Capricorn symbolizes practicality, common sense, ambition and usefulness.

But in terms of finances and material possessions, January was a great month to get what belonged to you – all the profits and incomes that you deserve.

What should we expect in February 2014?

February seems to be a bit confusing especially with regard to intellectual activity. Mercury is in its retrograde phase which will develop throughout the month. In addition, Jupiter will continue its retrograde motion. These planets symbolize intellect, education and intelligence. The position of Mercury in the Zodiac circle suggests that this month can be full of misinformation, gossip, slander and manipulation. Society as a whole can be quite confused due to conflicting information. Usually, these periods of Mercury disturb the normal course because of frequent changes of views, intentions and ideas. However, this time disturbances may be more frequent.

For people involved in research, creative or scholarly work, February could be especially productive. But for the rest, it will be a month in which things will get very difficult and I would even say that the more effort is being put into something, the more confusion it will cause.

The new moon on the last day of January will load February with the opportunity to "connect with the right people or get in touch with the right knowledge." Sometimes a delay or confusion can be a very useful thing. Even gossips are a way to learn something which has eluded you. Those who know how to listen will derive the greatest benefit during a time of misinformation and manipulation.

Therefore, the best way to orientate in a confusing environment is to listen carefully - to listen in order to understand.

In February, everyone’s ability to sense a risk of instability and anxiety will be particularly active. A particular area of our life will be affected - relationships, work, money, health, social status, personal ambitions, etc. Therefore, people’s activity and energy to "make and create" will be growing. People will be trying to be proactive, sometimes without knowing what makes them do that. Actually, we are most active when we sense a risk of failure and we do our best in order to avoid it.

Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

29 December – 9 January

In February, you can expect new things related to siblings, personal business ventures, and short trips. Some difficulties may appear. You will have your best development opportunities thanks to the emergence of challenges related to your daily work and responsibilities. You will spend your energy mostly in terms of your home, family, children, and love affairs – you can expect some instability and uncertainty in these spheres.

10 January – 22 January

In February, you can expect new things related to finance, resources, and material benefits. You will have your best development opportunities thanks to your home, family, children, etc. You can expect success wich will give you strength. You will spend your energy mostly in terms of your siblings, personal business ventures, or short trips. Some instability and uncertainty is possible in these spheres. Your love life will be great, especially in the second half of the month.

23 January – 4 February

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