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Stars foretell unexpected twists, surprises and new appointments for the future of the euro area

10 December 2011 / 23:12:56  GRReporter
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    In this article I will inform you about what the 'climate' features for the period December 15th to 31st will be and for whom this will be of any importance. This climate affects different people in a different way because it is directly dependent on their individual horoscope.

    In the previous article about the first half of December, I informed you that it will address the issue of order. The feeling of instability and chaos will run high very seriously. I did not expect us to witness united mass movements. Rather, I expected people to be in serious difficulties to communicate effectively and to unite. And everyone to be protecting his own interest.
    The main issues in the first days of December, I expected, would be associated with patience, determination, coercive actions and strength in the form of power, the abuse of power. But the ideas for reforms, the new "currents and winds" in politics, which may occur, I expected to tend to be well accepted by society.

    In the country within a short period of time a mass protest of farmers was started which was ended surprisingly quickly, and they withdrew. The railway strike is still ongoing and negotiations are being conducted, constantly changing its course.

    The feeling of instability ran high particularly seriously on the issues related to the existence of the euro and the eurozone. The threat turned out to be huge and it was a leading topic in the world. Over the past few hours news came out that an agreement has been reached. But considering the astrological climate under which this happened, I assume that there will be unexpected twists, surprises, new meetings, new attempts for agreements.

    Chaos and instability continue in the second half of December as well. Innovation, will timidly try to make its way. Each of us in one way or another is likely to face the challenge of changing something around us to overcome some confusion. Although holidays are coming, the last days of this year seem to have no typical holiday atmosphere.
    Especially the last week after December 26th, the desire of people to be in the centre and thus ignore the importance of others, the importance of unity and integrity, can become a serious problem. The planet Uranus, which is a symbol of progress, reform, innovation and revolution is at the start and is ready to dramatically accelerate the global processes which started in the spring. Meaningless stress and purposeless activity will probably appear as a rebellion against the need for accepting the restrictions, the limits of different nature. The point here is in the fact that beyond selfishness and chaos stand cooperation, new developments, innovations. Where unity is productive the new order will find its way anyway.

    I also expect some sensational news and unexpected events to happen related to media and technology. Also social events of youth organizations. We may witness restlessness and violent reactions especially among young people.

    For many people there might be some pleasant and surprising encounters with loved ones. And also sudden recovery of relationships, although briefly.

    Now I will list for you which areas in the Zodiac are affected in the second half of December. And also the dates when the Sun is approximately in these areas and therefore affects the people born on these dates regardless of the year. For the other planets you need to check your personal horoscope.
15° - 20° Aries (people born between 5th and 10th of April)
26° Aries - 2° Taurus (people born between 16th and 21st of April)
2 ° - 8 ° Taurus (people born between 22nd and 28th of April)
8 ° - 13 ° Taurus (people born between 29th of April and 3rd of May)
28 ° Gemini  - 4 ° Cancer (people born between 19th and 24th of June)
4 ° - 9 ° Cancer (people born between 25th of June and 1st of July)
11 ° - 17 ° Virgo (people born between 3rd and 8th of September)
17 ° - 22 ° Virgo (people born between 9th and 14th of September)
4 ° - 9 ° Libra (people born between 28th of September and 2nd of October)
6 ° - 11 ° Sagittarius (people born between 28th of November and 3rd of December)
11 ° - 17 ° Sagittarius (people born between 4th and 9th of December)
26 ° Capricorn - 2° Aquarius  (people born between 16th and 22nd of January)
2 ° - 8 ° Aquarius (people born between 23rd and 28th of January)
19 ° - 24 ° Aquarius (people born between 8th and 13th of February)
24 ° - 30 ° Aquarius (people born between 14th and 19th of February)
17 ° - 22 ° Pisces (people born between 6th and 11th of March)
22 ° - 28 ° Pisces (people born between 12th and 18th of March)

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