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The Sun in conjunction to Mars directs our energy

17 December 2011 / 14:12:26  GRReporter
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One of the most important issues for us humans is how to express ourselves and act in the material world. Actually I will not be mistaken if I say that this is the most important aspect of the existence of each person. Nobody spends his life in inactivity. I do not know if you have noticed, but at every given moment we ask ourselves "What am I doing now? What should I do?". The verbs "to do, to act, to work," are a priority in our lives, from whatever angle we look at it. The most important human skill is the ability to act, make and create. To express oneself before the world.

In astrology the Sun and Mars are both "energy" planets, which define how we "give" ourselves, how we use and direct our energy. In the individual horoscope they are the factors that answer the questions - "What energy levels do I have? Do I have enough strength, courage, faith and confidence to realize my aspirations? How do I express myself?".

In an interval of 2 years and 2 months (780 days), these two planets form a conjunction, which marks the beginning of their next cycle. The last cycle of the Sun and Mars began on 4 February 2011 and will be active until April 2013. In this article I will give you information on how this conjunction affects people depending on their individual horoscope and sun sign. Where do we put our energy, what do we focus on and what issues will interest us during those two years?

At first glance, the cycle of the Sun and Mars is very common and should not be taken as something unique. Still it happens every two years. Each planetary cycle, which does not stay for long, is often unimpressive. And is that so? On 4 February 2011 the Sun and Mars matched in 15°30' with the sign Aquarius. The last time these two planets conjoined in the sign Aquarius was in 1964, and the next time - still in the Aquarius sign - will be in 2058. Or, in other words the interval is 47 years (back and forth). And the degree in which this conjunction happens is different.

What is the conclusion? If in your individual horoscope the sun (or house number 10), which is responsible for social and public realization, falls in Aquarius then these factors have the chance to be activated only once in 47 years. Whether it is good or bad, that the activation is so rare, is another question. The next Sun conjunction to Mars will be in April 2013 and it will be in Aries, which will activate other areas of your life.

The retrograde phase of Mars will be during the period from February to April 2012. At that point the issues, which were activated by the conjunction of the two planets will be very actively affected. During the conjunction they are only hinted at, but when the retrograde motion of Mars starts, which is the climax, it unleashes them in full force. The retrograde phase is generally associated with the occurrence of various crises, problematic situations that require a decision. Expect an article in which I will inform you of the issues that will be linked to this retrograde phase.

Now I will give you a brief description of which topics will be active in your life and where your energy should be directed towards during the period February 2011 - April 2013. If you know your horoscope, check out in which house the degree 15°30' Aquarius falls in, in order for you to be able to read the information. The house position of the conjunction is crucial. This is the working ground of this energy match. It shows where we make a behavioural or life change due to the occurrence of a crisis and a problem. Generally for two years this house becomes the centre of activity. According to its importance we can determine where in life we ​​face our challenges. The Sun and Mars are the only planets that show action towards the outside, they show our applicable energy in the world. If the conjunction affects also the birth planet, then it, as well, will be involved in various challenges.

With every paragraph below I will also include the sun signs, in which a specific area is also activated. The Sun, which is the most important focal point in the individual horoscope, also gives information. Depending on where the sign Aquarius falls compared to it, we can infer towards where to direct our vital energy, which is the one question that springs from our deepest nature. In other words, where our personal “I” directs us to.

Make a combination between the house position of the conjunction and the position according to the birth Sun. For example: In an individual horoscope 15° Aquarius is located in the 3rd House. If your sun sign is in Gemini, you should also read the description for the conjuction in the ninth house.

Therefore, you should read the following paragraphs:

Conjunction in 3rd House, birth Sun in Sagittarius - for interpretation in terms of house position.

Conjunction in 9th House, birth Sun in Gemini - for interpretation regarding the Sun sign.

Conjunction is in the first House, birth sun is in Aquarius.
Be prepared for the strongest, most dynamic, most personal two years of your life. They are the apex, the climax. Mars gives you the energy to concentrate on your own identity and self-expression. In fact this will be the only thing you care about. Know well what you have in order not to overestimate yourself. Walk cautiously to avoid stepping on "flowers", which later on you might need. Your relationships with others may be subject to sharp fluctuations and disturbances, due to your strong concentration on yourself.

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