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Unexpected events on the financial markets in the second half of July

16 July 2011 / 14:07:20  GRReporter
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In this article I will inform you what are the "climate" peculiarities for the period July 15-31 and for who this will matter. This climate reflects on people in a different way. Please note if your personal horoscope includes any of the planets in the areas that I will indicate. The gallery of the article has a tray with the keywords, because the planets are associated with different areas of life. 

I will firstly mention which areas in the zodiac are affected in the second half of July. And also the dates that the Sun is approximately in these areas and therefore affects people born on these dates regardless of the year. For the other planets it is necessary to check your personal horoscope. 

3 ° - 9 ° Aries (people born between March 23 and 29) 
9 ° - 15 ° Aries (people born between March 29 and April 5) 
21 ° - 27 ° Aries (people born between April 11 and 17) 
27 ° Aries - 3 °Taurus  (people born between April 17 and 23) 
7 ° - 13 ° Taurus (people born between April 27 and May 3) 
5 ° - 11 ° Gemini (people born between May 26 and June 2) 
8 ° - 14 ° Cancer (people born between June 30 and July 6) 
21 ° - 27 ° Cancer (people born between July 13 and 19) 
13 ° - 19 ° Leo (people born between August 5 and 11) 
28 ° Virgo - 4 ° Libra (people born between September 21 and 27) 
26 ° Libra - 2 ° Scorpio (people born between October 19 and 25) 
22 ° - 29 ° Sagittarius (people born between December 14 and 20) 
21 ° - 27 ° Capricorn (people born between January 11 and 17) 
24 ° Aquarius - 0 ° Pisces (people born between February 13 and 19) 
11 ° - 16 ° Pisces (people born between March 1 and 6) 
16 ° - 22 ° Pisces (people born between March 6 and 12) 

In my previous article regarding the first half of July, I discussed that the topic of generosity and ability to reward those who deserve it, will be active. And also the topic of leadership - in public and in personal life – and all of this would be more in words than in action. I also noted that we could witness emotional events that could cause our compassion, to provoke our contribution, citizenship standing and empathy. 

With the second half of July, a period of revaluation begins. This period will probably be a time filled with much revaluating of past ideas and concepts and a full review will be necessary to be made before making any new steps. The slogan "all ends justify all means" will be leading. In social terms affected will be the financial and legal system like concepts and ideas for change. The stability of the banking sector, as a whole, can become leading in the headlines. World financial policy and reforms can stand out and attract attention. Possible are disorderly developments in the financial markets. 

In the period between July 15th and 25th people, who have a planet in the area: 
3 ° - 9 ° Aries 
is the time for some reorganization and restructuring of the existing order. This reorganization does not have to be big. But it will definitely be of benefit to you. During those days you will be able to distinguish all the details in a given situation, project, relationship and you will be able to arrange them in the optimal way. Be careful if other people are involved. First make sure that they want to participate in this reorganization. 

In the period between July 15th and 23rd people, who have a planet in the area: 
9 ° - 15 ° Aries, 
is the time when all around you (including yourself) will talk about money, about various material things, power, prestige. This is also a period in which it is possible for you to find a new source of funds, to seek ways to achieve certain social status, which essentially will be based on material prosperity. Ask for your "price" if something is offered to you or if you receive a request for access to your resources. As this resource may be the most diverse - from a property you own to possession of talents, abilities and feelings. 

In the period between July 17th and 21st people, who have a planet in the area: 
21 ° - 27 ° Aries, 
is the time, in which you are likely to face the willingness or the opportunity to start something new. Along with the new, a completion of something old is in order. Do not delay it, finish it. Without putting an end to the old, you will not be able to make a fresh start. 

In the period between July 20th and 25th people, who have a planet in the area: 
27 ° Aries - 3 ° Taurus
is the time, in which you will make a "big small" step. Something tiny can literary trigger you to make a big jump. But you will realize about this big jump later on in the form of profound change. 

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