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Unrealistic goals, spontaneous decisions and misunderstandings await us in January 2016

01 January 2016 / 13:01:44  GRReporter
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This article will introduce you to the astrological picture for the period 1-31January. I will start with the general picture as a whole and then make individual forecasts.

In the previous article, I informed you that the last quarter phase between Saturn and Neptune would form in December. This is a rare aspect, as it happens every 35-36 years. It usually alerts the world of the presence of events that will undermine the stability of various structures that have been built. Situations would gradually happen in which if everybody would try to stand out, weak points would be brought to the foreground. For better or worse, they would be so weak that they could not be ‘cured’, thus becoming a chronic problem that could not be solved with ease.

Moreover, in purely economic terms, the inflation rate would rise, new schemes would appear to make a fortune by illegal means and the gap between rich and poor countries would decrease. I expected December to be more difficult in socio-political and social terms, as the new moon would occur in a section that would set the atmosphere of "big complaints," accumulating many problems at one time.

Situations of social and political "betrayals" would be possible or waiver of agreements, and more serious epidemics that would spread through water as well as water and air pollution.

What to expect in January 2016?

January is usually a grey and dreary month as it comes after a very festive time and somehow brings us back to earth, а little harder at that. Now I expect the situation to be a little different, though this greyness will still be present to some degree.

The new moon that will set the atmosphere in the month will occur in an area whose symbolism suggests the emergence of some unrealistic goals that are accompanied by intransigence and ambition to achieve them at any cost. Therefore, I expect situations to appear in a socio-political aspect in which everyone will hold their ground, not being inclined to concessions, compromises or achieving unanimity.

The element of spontaneous decisions, "Let's do it", will also be present, which may result in launching various projects and abandoning them at the first obstacle, turning to new ones.

Mercury’s first retrograde phase of the year will be in January, which may cause a lot of confusion, both in personal communication and in the means of communication. There will be a greater likelihood of misunderstandings and a different rhythm of action, leading to lack of synchrony. However, people will be in an interesting state of predominant optimism that will make them believe that they will succeed in the goals they have set. Different ideas may also occur, which will be fresh and original, bringing something unique that is worth considering and using.

On the personal level, this intransigence will be present too, as well as the desire in people to materialise each of their ideas regardless of whether it is well considered and if there are chances of implementing it. Therefore, store your fresh ideas, write them down, give yourself time to consider them before jumping to their realization. They are very good for having something better in life and they are worthwhile. Just seize the right moment and the appropriate way to realize them.

Now I will write how January will affect the various sectors in the zodiac - the topics it will provoke and the events you can expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them. Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

29 December - 9 January

January will bring purely personal developments and an increasing desire to do something significant in terms of your appearance, image, physical condition. As for matters related to professional development or education, some confusion is in store and therefore, do not make important decisions. In contrast, you will have a very busy month, full of tasks and responsibilities. The financial conditions will be favourable, you will have good incomes but in the form of single payments. You will have a good month in terms of your private life and you will invest in your relationship more than you have thought.

10 January - 22 January

January will bring new developments related to your social circle, friends and people you rely on, as well as opportunities to establish new contacts that will develop some new projects. Unresolved issues will come to the fore, associated with joint and/or someone else’s property, loans, inheritance. The financial conditions will be favourable, especially in terms of launching a personal plan or being involved in additional activities that will bring incomes. The month will not be very favourable for your private life and some misunderstandings will be possible.

23 January - 4 February

January will bring new developments related to your professional development, career or education. The time will come to make a transition to a new stage, to make an important change. Your relations with superiors and authority figures will be in the foreground too. Be careful when communicating with others, as this will be a weak point during the month. The financial sphere will contain conditions for a change and you may have a tenser month. Some misunderstandings, confusion, changes in plans will occur in your private life, the month will not be quiet but you will have a chance to arrange something important.

5 February - 17 February

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