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Venus and the Moon define our intimate and sexual life

08 January 2011 / 19:01:23  GRReporter
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    Sex has been one of the sensitive topics in human life for centuries. Once covered tightly behind the curtain until today, when almost everything is on display. But on display or not, the genetic role of sex has not changed a bit.
    In this article I will focus on fundamental archetypes in terms of sexual behavior of humans and the relationship with the individual horoscope. Under sexual behavior I do not mean just sexual techniques. This is a term that describes how we relate intimately with others, who do we accept  and take intimately close to ourselves, what is the way and the manners in which we do it. Including sexual language of our body. Man is composed of two components - what he thinks, speaks, perceives mentally and what radiates through one’s body language and perceives physically through his senses.

    Generally in life we associate with different people - with parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, children, with neighbors, with random people. I will focus primarily on connecting in a more intimate sense. Because this is a subject very personal, and indeed one of the most important in the life of any of us. People are very deeply involved with others and in particular with the "other" who always meet the highly specific individual model.

    To accept and connect to someone intimately means what else you need to take from him. Not what you're thinking that you want to take, but what you're ready to take. There is an old saying - one can not obtain what he is not ready for. We own a perfect and flawless biological "give and receive" mechanism. At the moment the we "accept" the other percon, automatically we also turn on "giving" for him.
    I constantly meet frustrated people in love and in their intimate relations. After passing the initial euphoria, it appears that simply the mechanism of the other person is not activated. So he just doesn’t "give" anything. Logically - if there is nothing to take. To give, first you must have. To havesomething to take, to have find out what you can borrow. This is our main biological law. And we all obey it because it is genetically underlying in us.
    When I mention accepting something from the other person, I do not mean only intimacy and love like it is in the movies and fairy tales. Sometimes people need to accept also things not so wonderful. There are people who would only accept things that hurt and provoke them. Such is life.

    Astrologically the factors for determining the manner in which we accept someone intimately are mainly the planets Venus and Moon, as well as second home, which is determined by time and place of birth. Venus in the horoscope defines what "catches" our eye and how we attract others to us. Then when what we want it is drawn into our personal space, everyone goes through their individual type of "acceptance" which is defined by the moon and the second home in the horoscope. Of course Venus in a given horoscope is not just Venus in a zodiac sign. It stays in a certain sign and degree, receive certain aspects and influence from the other planets. The same goes for the moon. Technically the procedure is quite complicated. So if you are interested more seriously in this topic, visit an astrologer.

    There are six basic archetype of how we accept the other, how do we allow him in our life. Or there are six basic "persons" that we use in our intimate relationships we it comes to acceptance and to allowing the other person in our intimate space. But there is no one who fits only in one specific archetype. There are several layers that are mixed. In this way are obtained the specific individual models.

    Why six? The twelve signs of the zodiac form six pairs of signs that are virtually complementary. They represent the two ends, the two extremes of the same thing. Their foundation is one and the same. For example, Venus in the sign Aries is the same as Venus in the sign Libra. The difference is that one is the complete extreme to the other. Venus in the sign Aries revolves around itself. Venus in Libra is the opposite – it revolves around the other. Venus in the sign Aries pursues, Venus in the sign Libra wants to be pursued. Similarly, combine the signs Taurus - Scorpio, Gemini - Sagittarius Cancer - Capricorn, Leo - Aquarius Virgo - Pisces.

    The first type - the man who wants to penetrate in the other. These are the Moon and Venus in the signs Aries and Libra. And also an aspect of Mars to these two planets.
    Man studies the other, examines him, seeks to penetrate. So as to understand to what extent there is something stable in this other person, something strong, which can offset the inner weakness. With this type of people there is some innate inner turmoil - inborn congenital weakness or strength, bearing this instability. He does not need another person who bears similar to his strength or weakness. He has a need to associate the strong with the weak and vice versa. The process of this study is very fine and subtle. Do not try to lie to this person that you are strong or weak in something. He is extremely insightful and captures things in depth and he even often do not know how he does that. And only once he has done his study, only then he is able to accept the other intimately. Of course in this process there is a lot of rejection. Which has its own explanation - "I didn’t find anything solid, on which my instability can count".
    The sexual behavior of this type of people is to pursue hard, of the type hunter. Or to make others to pursue them and take the role of a deer. Of course talking about pursue I do not mean it literally. They dig for facts about the other, monitor him continuously. Or create prerequisites for the other to pursue them in order to study him.

    The second type - the man who wants something very special. Astrologically it refers to the Moon and Venus in the signs Taurus and Scorpio. It refers also to the aspects of Venus to the Moon and of Pluto to the two planets.
    These are people who are most difficult to relate intimately. Because intimacy with them when they allow it, is in every cell of their body. These are the people who we feel that if they allow us in their lives, they will do so with their whole being, absolutely. If they love us, this will be the deepest possible love. Like in the movies. But this ability to literally merge with the other person is not for anyone who would ask for it. This type of people rarely hurry, they rarely worry that they are alone without a partner. Throughout most of their life they build walls around themselves by which to keep everyone away. And they wait – they wait for their special partner who will be able to come into their heart will be able to pass through these walls, even to do so by breaking an entry. Of course not, I do not mean that they will not have partners until they find the special one. On the contrary, they will try here and there, but with the attitude - "Well, let’s try it, but I doubt that something will come out of it".
    They have very a fine and delicate position, like Achilles' heel. And that is exactly where they must be touched to accept the other. And this is a difficult task.
    Sexual behavior of this type of people while waiting for their special partner is unobtrusive. They take a position of neutrality: "Yes, I'm with you, because you want it." But at the moment when appears whomsoever they will accept fully and becomethey unstoppable and no trace is left of their neutral behavior. They can live for years as pure consumers of love and intimacy, without being able to respond with anything just because the other person has not been accepted. But there is also the opposite option - to find the man to accept fully. And whether they will be with him or not, he remains forever in their hearts and nothing can replace him.

    The third type - the man who is looking for diversity. It refers to Venus and Moon in the signs Gemini - Sagittarius. It also includes the aspects of Mercury and Jupiter to the two planets.
    For this type of people is typical the innate openness to all things exotic and very much different from themselves. Different to the extent of infinity. This is the man who will choose a woman with a visible defect on the background of all the other beautiful and smart women who revolve around him. Or the beauty will choose the beast. For a man to wonder why.
    These people usually make many "mistakes" such as "I do not know what got into me, but I found myself in bed with the one with whom we do not even speak the same mother tongue". I wrote mistakes in quotation marks. Because this type of people make these mistakes in order to diversify the gene pool of the family of the city, even of the country if you prefer. For the genes such mistakes are an opportunity to open a bottle of champagne. Naturally, such an intimate relationship created between people who are very different, can hardly be stable. And often people suffer that things do not go well into partnership. With this type most frequently we observe separation between the partners.
    Sexual behavior is one of extremes and the desire to try again and again sometimes reminds of promiscuity, that they are not able to choose their partners. And when they realize that once again they have chosen something wrong, they go looking for something even more different. Another option is to approach and get away from their partner, not to be able to maintain a constant relationship with him. Here is the most common variation - "Today I love you, tomorrow I will hate you, but in the day after tomorrow I will love you again."

    The fourth type - the man who is looking for trust and friendship. Astrologically he refers to Venus and Moon in the signs Cancer and Capricorn. And also the to the aspects of Saturn to both planets.
    For this type of people it is typical that in order to accept someone intimately and let him into their life, they first need to experience trust. The kind of trust that is created in a purely friendly relations. To have fun with the other person, to hear his stories about shared and unrequited love, and to share your ones.  And without knowing, waiting for their moment in which something happens and their friendship goes into a deep physical and mental intimacy. They do not immediately jump into intimate relationships. If they do that, they have not achieved the friendship and confidence, and this is a sign that they did not make the other intimate to them. For this type of people holds true the thought of the famous English poet Samuel Coleridge, that friendship can end with love, but love in friendship rarely.
    The sexual behavior of this type is not traditional. For them the path to intimacy goes through the friendship. At the moment they request to be friends with someone it means that they are interested in him. They want to walk their way through the friendship, to get the opportunity to accept it in the intimate way.

    The fifth type – the Don Juan type of man. It refers to the Moon and Venus in the signs of Leo and Aquarius. As well as for the aspects of Uranus to the Sun and the two planets.
    These are the people who make the world full of romance, fantasy and dreams. By far the most favorite type of all people. They are the ones that with every gesture will cause your intimacy to go on display and to be moved. I will not exaggerate if I say that the life for them is equal to sex and intimacy. Their fate to some extent is to unfold the intimacy in life of the other so that he can realize his own desires, fantasies and bearish. It is not necessarily for them always to reach the final stages and create intimacy. For them is important the way - the more difficult the more loaded with vital energy. Right here I think of the film "Dangerous Liaisons" in which the protagonist enters into a bet that he will seduce a virtuous wife, who is the very epitome of morality. These are men and women who are extremely attractive. It is not necessarily for them to be beautiful according to universal understanding. They just know how to attract towards themselves.
    The sexual behavior of this type of people is to seduce the others. As this can be in both directions – they to be the seducers, or to get others to seduce them. They possess a huge stock of all sorts of skills and often they do not understand that they do.

    The sixth type – the idealistic man. Refers to the Moon and Venus in the signs Virgo and Pisces. As well as for the aspect of Neptune towards those planets.
    This type of people are looking for the ideal of intimacy and love. They are searching for their soul mate, that perfect and unusually intimate connection. They can allow someone intimate to them only when the other embodies this ideal and lead them to believe that it exists. These are people who are often disappointed. They are able to fall deeply in love in one movie character. Incorrigible romantics. And here is the biggest paradox. The moment they allow someone intimately to them because they embody the ideal of perfect love, everything ends after the first or second sexual contact. They are rarely capable for a second. Because the physical contact is now reality. After the contact the dream is already gone. For them is typical the total transition from ideal to reality in which the ideal and the perfect does not exist.
    The sexual behavior of this type of people is from those who are most reproach these days – in the time of the “one night stands”. Of those who brake up families. To those who insert themselves in some nice couple with wonderful relationship and drive off with one partner. Their life is tough in the first half until they realize that the perfection of the other is in the glasses that they put.

So far I have touched only the first part of our biological mechanism. Expect the other article where I will tell you the other part - what happens when we have accpeted the other and how we give.

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