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Venus decides for us how to spend our holidays

03 December 2011 / 17:12:17  GRReporter
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    We are on the verge of the new year 2012. December is the month in which we anticipate and look forward to the Christmas holidays. This is the month in which we usually plan how to spend the holidays. For every person the word holiday has a different meaning, different dimension. Preferences for "how, where and with whom" to spend these days differ. In this article I will shhare with you why for the different people the meaning of the holiday is different, why we have different preferences.

    Venus is the beauty in the solar system. This planet shines in the night sky with a bright white light, like a small diamond, and it is therefore not by chance that this gem is associated precisecy with it. Venus symbolizes the values ​​in all senses - what does a man value, what he finds beautiful and aesthetic, what are his desires, what he wants to take from this world.
    Venus is also associated with this desire of all people, without which life would be unthinkable. It is love. It is a pleasure. In our individual horoscope it shows what we are attracted to, what we would think is satisfying, ways and means by which we try to find and get satisfaction. In this line of thinking we can, according to the position of Venus, understand what we have chosen to do when we rest. What we would chose to do, when we celebrate. Which of all the opportunities we have, will attract us the most and we would wish for.

    The characteristics of Venus in the different zodiac signs gives us a clue to what we want and what we like. But I would like to offer you a little more thorough insight.
    Each sign is divided into three parts. And it is not irrelevant in which part of the sign Venus is located in your horoscope, because it has a different version. If you look at the picture you will see that Venus is not just in the sign Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. It is in this part of the sign, where the planet Jupiter also interferes. What this means you will read below.

    There are 12 main star signs, each one divided into 3 parts and thus we get 36 combinations. Some of them are repeated, but in a different order in terms of which planet is first and which one is second to interfere with the desires of Venus. Check which of these 36 stations is Venus in your birth horoscope. The description of each of the three sections by signs adds the main meaning of the sign itself. Considering also the fact, that if Venus in your birth chart gets an aspect from some planet, it is also included in the picture.

    Venus in Aries
    This person loves to act, to fall in the "eye of the storm." For the holidays he certainly does not want to stay home. He wants surprises. He wants new impressions. Every time he would prefer to be at a different location. If possible also with some another new member in the group. The place must be loud, bright and be distinguished from all others.
    In the first section this is multiplied by two. "No," to the silence and stillness. These people rest and chill out the best at the big parties. No matter where and with whom. In the second section Venus insists on having something very expensive and striking, which then the person can boast about. In the third section Venus would still seek comfort, and will need to be with a loved one. In celebration there must be sensuality and a partner present. These people are very unhappy if they have no partner, especially on holidays.

    Venus in Taurus
    Loves peace, stability, good food, good drinks. Everything that is comfortable, luxurious, bringing delight to his senses. These people are extremely keen on the nice touch. Do not expect them to spend the holiday on some square or ugly and frowzy place. Everything should be fine, beautiful and comfortable. For years they can spend the holidays in the same way, the same places. They do not like to make changes in their habits.
    In the first section Venus is still willing to make changes from time to time. It won’t mind also trying something new each time. But if it is not beautiful and comfortable it will spoil the holiday mood. Communication is a very important part. The best companion of a nice drink is a nice conversation with someone new. This person likes to meet new people.
    In the second section, Venus is old-fashioned and conservative. A holiday is a holiday when it is spent with people and in places that he feels close, like home. Where he receives special care and attention. This person would hardly leave his homeland but is best at home or where he feels home. With the people he knows and among whom he feels good.
    In the third section Venus has a hard time relaxing even during the holidays. Sometimes such people prefer to be busy with something and celebrate less, because for them it is a valuable waste of time. They are reluctant to make large expenditures for the holidays. They would rather stay at home because at home there is always something to be done.

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