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When someone hits our Achilles heel...

15 February 2014 / 17:02:29  GRReporter
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Have you ever met someone who entered your life quickly, quietly and unnoticeably? Of course, you have. I'm talking about all kinds of situations – this person may be a friend, a colleague, your boss, an employee, and of course the person who you fall in love with. At such moments, you have the feeling that you cannot resist this person and tend to forgive him or her everything very easily (even the biggest sins) and you support and defend him or her. We call this phenomenon "Someone hit my Achilles heel." I will not recount the myth of Achilles, from where this expression comes. It means that we all have a weak and vulnerable point, which we very often do not know about. And when someone hits it, we are just not able to resist and become almost defenceless.

Today's article is about which things can be considered our “Achilles heel” - we cannot resist them and become almost defenceless when we are under their "attack". These are the circumstances and people to which or whom we are vulnerable and tend to say "yes" to everything they suggest, even if we know that they may be trying to take advantage of us. Of course, not everyone seeks to take advantage of us, but the mere fact that we are making some type of sacrifice or forgive everything is indicative enough.

The twelfth house in the personal horoscope is the most secret place. This house is associated with difficulties, misery, "suffering" related to loss of life, diseases and hospitals. However, it is also associated with sacrifice and charity. Its main meanings stem from the fact that it covers everything which always stands behind us – we do not see it and we cannot define it; it quietly permeates into our lives through a hidden door which we never lock. It enters unnoticeably like a virus and we cannot resist at all.

It is precisely the twelfth house that shows where our Achilles heel is. The Ascendant shows the physical circumstances in which we imperceptibly allow someone to enter our life. Or, it would be even more correct to say that this person "enters" our life without asking for our permission and we cannot resist him or her and become defenceless.

The Moon in the horoscope is related to our receptive skills - how we perceive the world around us instinctively and emotionally, to what things we react and what awakens our emotions. Accordingly, the twelfth house calculated from the Moon, shows our most delicate Achilles heel, since it affects our emotional setting.

Read the information which is derived from the twelfth house according to the sign of the Ascendant and the sign in which the Moon in the personal horoscope falls. If there are planets in this house, they always have an impact and act as protection. Each planet is associated with a certain area and when it falls in the twelfth house, it serves as a tool for us to see behind, sometimes literally, and in this way we are less vulnerable. For example, if Venus, which is related to the third house in the horoscope, falls in the twelfth house, this is a signal that your siblings are your "eyes in the back" and protection.

Ascendant or Moon in Aries

The twelfth house falls in Pisces. It is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. You are most vulnerable when you feel somebody’s helplessness, and when someone seeks your strength and courage. You have a profound zeal for sacrifice and protection. You are open to anyone who manages to depict the ideal world you want to live in and makes you believe in something which you have been afraid to even ream about. You are very vulnerable to dreamers and people whose imagination has no limits.

Ascendant or Moon in Taurus

The twelfth house falls in Aries. It is ruled by Mars. Your Achilles heel is your irrepressible desire for championship and competition, and for being the first. You are open to anyone who offers a path to a leadership position, and allows you to win the first place. You are highly vulnerable to people who are good opponents, make you be proactive and enterprising, stimulate your strength and give you access to the honorary first place on the ladder.

Ascendant or Moon in Gemini

The twelfth house falls in Taurus. It is ruled by Venus. Your Achilles heel is the material side of life in all its dimensions - money and possessions, as well as any type of property. These are all things which give you a feeling of complete security and stability. You are open to anyone who approaches you with practical and good material proposals and is able to accumulate resources and make money. Idealists and dreamers have no place in your life. You are highly vulnerable to people who manage to impress you with resources and capabilities and give you access to various material benefits.

Ascendant or Moon in Cancer

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