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After GRReporter it’s time for GRReader

25 November 2010 / 10:11:02  GRReporter
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Yes, it’s true. GRReporter’s iPhone application is already a fact. It is called GRReader and you can download it from the App Store for free. So, the news from Greece will catch up with you wherever you are. In the subway, at work, in the gym, in the park, at the airport. In Greece, in Europe, in America or Australia.

There is no more exciting job than in the media in the early 21st century. If you take the challenges, of course, not oppose them. This is how we, the team behind GRReporter, perceive our work.

The Network has become part of our lives and this is irreversible. At the end of the 20th century media ideologists opposed it to reality, defined it as delusive, incomplete and transient. However, it continued to develop. In a revolutionary way. Google introduced a new era in information spreading, Facebook – in communication between people, Microsoft made the impossible possible, and Apple has turned even sworn conservatives like me, who opposed the computers and preferred the old reliable typewriter for years, in fanatic user of iPhone and iPad.

No professional today has the illusion of successful business without being represented in the Network. Manufacturers advertise on Facebook, restaurants, hotels and establishments show remarkable ingenuity to show up on Google, military laboratories transferred their training into computers and gave birth to Second Life, which launched the new generation of computer games. Latest music videos and movie trailers are available on Youtube. The media have permanently occupied the global network and there is no newspaper, radio or TV today that claims to public importance without its World Wide Web page. Writing memoirs and keeping a diary is in the form of blogs. Once, news was divided into printed, radio and TV news. Today, they are virtual news. They are on the Internet, Facebook and Twitter. We watch them live on the iPhone while traveling with the subway or waiting for the dentist. Having the right information and to be the first to announce it is no longer sufficient. It is only the precondition to stay in the media business. Visual arts have definitely entered it to remain there for a long time.
Digital space pulled photography from the coma of exhaustion and breathed new life to it. Companies such as Cannon, Nikon and Flipper made it possible to capture HD video with handy tools and to relatively easy download it from the global network. Avatars fashion awoke the forgotten interest in comics and animation that are hot again. The media world is already multi media where words, photography, video, music and animation are so creatively intertwined and attractive to the mind and eye that the visitor returns again and again to the Network. The role of the journalist is very interesting now. Once, the journalist went to an event with a notebook and a pen. Reporters today are more like digital Sherpas or robots of flesh and blood. They carry a computer, camera, tape recorder, wireless internet device, mobile phone, cables. Recently, I attended a lecture by Martin Lister, a professor at the University of Bristol, who recalled that once the journalist was the editor who cared to publish interesting texts. In the era of the television boom, the journalist is the producer who cares to broadcast a perfect production. Today, Martin Lister determines the journalist as experience designer, a designer of experience who engages the audience into a dialogue, entertains it, argues, analyzes, shares experiences. GRReporter’s team strives to achieve this too - to get closer to its audience, which is trilingual, global, educated and active. That's why we’ve created GRReader, where in a suitable iPhone format you will get news from Greece, our images and our most recent videos.

Here are some details on GRReader for the impatient and curious readers:

  • News as continuous stream

    Natural option to display news from our site was to use the different categories and subcategories. But what made us go beyond this idea? Navigating with your finger up and down is so natural and easy that we chose to literally flow all news in one stream. Thus everything is in the readers’ view, without making them save and navigate, without hiding the news. We considered the fact that this is an application to be used en route and with one hand. Therefore, we most streamlined news presentation. We will think about selecting the news from each category.



  • Save your favourites

    If you want to read something again, but you're on the road or do not have time, you can save the news to view it later


  • Photo-gallery

    iPhone’s power is in image viewing. Our images are available to the reader for quick and easy review, including zooming and reviewing images details (pinch to zoom)

  • Doc online -> Doc mobile

    The video tab allows you to watch copyrighted videos selected from our video production

  • Ouzo fun – the Greek mood

    Last but not least, we have a funny Ouzo application too. To bring you the spirits and a piece of bright Greece. With no risk of sin at work! :-)


Have you not downloaded it yet? Hurry up! The application is available on the AppStore!

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