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Archive - Nov 2010

November 9th

Nobody wants early elections in Greece

09 November 2010 / 11:11:33  
Voters found a way to express their discontent without affecting the stability of political life, stated the sociologist Thomas Gerakis in an interview with Anastasia Balezdrova

November 8th

Business responses are positive, Europe wants further steps

08 November 2010 / 18:11:38  
Commercial and industrial organizations welcomed the Prime Minister George Papandreou’s decision not to return to the voter polls. Athens Stock Exhange index rose, the spread fell, and Jean-Claude Juncker required further tightening of public finances.

New Democracy takes the lead in 7 out of 13 regions

08 November 2010 / 10:11:24  
Athens and Thessaloniki prefer conservatives, socialists take the lead in Piraeus, Papandreou satisfied with the results and will not dissolve the Parliament.

I voted, but I don’t expect a change for the better

07 November 2010 / 23:11:57  
On the day of the local elections the Greeks went to the polls to cast their vote, though without any optimism. The reason? Lack of faith that things can change for the better and... lack of trust in politicians.

Greeks to Papandreou: We do not want premature elections

07 November 2010 / 22:11:07  
The socialist party has advantage in the biggest European area Attica, the results of the elections will satisfy the Prime Minister

November 7th

The local elections in Greece ended with low electoral activeness

07 November 2010 / 21:11:43  
Papandreou’s dilemma “Support me or I declare premature parliamentary elections” motivated the party members and left the common voters indifferent

Olympiakos won against Panyonios in a game which turned into a derby

07 November 2010 / 20:11:20  
The A1 game between the basketball teams Panyonios and Olympiakos, played on the pitch in Nea Smyrna turned into a derby. It may be surprising but Panyonios proved to be "hard nut to crack" and the victory of the white and red team did not at all come easily.