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Archive - Nov 2010

November 14th

Humanities in Greece in a dilemma

14 November 2010 / 13:11:26  
At a crossroad are the humanities in Greece which still follow an outdated educational model, for which now they have to pay quite expensive price... For two decades, the knowledge that is available does not meet the demands of the labor market. The desire of the students on the other hand is for this to finally happen, but... without paying for their education. This problem and the role of humanities and sociological sciences in the modern Greek reality has become the subject of discussion during the meeting between teachers and researchers from Greek, European and American universities, which was held at the Athens University.

Diamonds can be “cruel”

14 November 2010 / 11:11:51  
As a food can poison a person a gem can also do the same, or an article about the gems and the personal horoscope

November 13th

The hot trends at the second round of the local elections in Greece

13 November 2010 / 18:11:11  
As battles for nerves of steel emerge the election races in the three major municipalities of Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki as well as in the regions of Attica, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, North Aegean, Central Greece and Peloponnese.

We want that Greeks and immigrants work together for the sake of the country!

13 November 2010 / 15:11:40  
Abul Bashar is from Bangladesh. He is a member of the left party of Petros Constantinou "Socialist Worker’s party" and during the local elections on 7.10 he and his compatriot Aminul MD Islam, were chosen by the city hall in Athens for municipal councilors. Elections took place at an extremely low turnout. With his 5548 votes, however, the candidate for mayor, Petros Constantinou won 2.87 percent. As stated in the program of the "Socialist Worker’s party", the party aims at an "anti-capitalist coup".

Bllomberg 71% of the investors believe that the bankruptcy of Greece is inevitable

13 November 2010 / 12:11:16  
While the foreign investors are betting when Greece will bankrupt and the local business accuses the government, the banks found a way towards foreign markets

The tireless Katy Perry

13 November 2010 / 11:11:12  
Hello, music lovers. Like every other Friday it is time for another dose of good music, well mixed and presented in our favorite GRR HOT 15. And what are the changes in the chart since last week, I think it's time to find out

The Greek phenomenon of the "eternal student"

13 November 2010 / 10:11:09  
Only 10 percent of students in the country manage to graduate from university. This percentage ranks Greece last among members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Over 300,000 are the students that repeat who do not study, but hang with the label "student". And while the government is trying to make reforms, students and teachers went on strike against the bill, but also to "warm up" for the celebration of November 17.