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Archive - Nov 2010

November 17th

Athens Muslims celebrated Bayram on the square as they have no mosque, eggs were thrown at them

17 November 2010 / 11:11:35  
According to unofficial data, there are about 500,000 Muslims in Attica, who have been carrying their religious rituals and celebrations in basements and garages for years because plans for the mosque have not been implemented yet and painters and builders take the role of imams.

Industrialists: Cut the public sector or the economy will be ruined

17 November 2010 / 10:11:01  
"We have to learn to live with what we earn, not with borrowed money," advises the President of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises Dimitris Daskalopoulos.

November 16th

German and Greek media are at daggers dawn again

16 November 2010 / 17:11:24  
This time the reason was Prime Minister George Papandreou, who attacked Angela Merkel's proposal private investors and banks to also bear the burden of Greek economy rescue.

Surgeon, oncologist, sprinter, heavy athlete, wine producer and human rights activist took the key regions and municipalities

16 November 2010 / 16:11:12  
New representatives of local authorities in Greece were defined after a fierce struggle. Literally, tens of ballots determined the winners in many places. Most of the new faces looked like complete outsiders in the beginning of the campaign. But who are they?

Communist protest with injured woman and vandalism in downtown Athens

16 November 2010 / 14:11:57  
Protests of new force began the day after the elections for mayors and governors in Greece. Non-parliamentary leftist organizations and the Communist Party raised their voice against the government policy and the memorandum.

Greece’s two-party system obituary has been printed long ago

16 November 2010 / 12:11:16  
The political system of none of the countries that had the IMF hurricane has survived in its original form, says Professor Athanasios Diamandopoulos in an interview with Anastasia Balezdrova. "It's difficult to figure out the triumphant look of Antonis Samaras after the elections," the political scientist expressed his surprise, analyzing the local elections results.

November 15th

30% drop in petrol stations turnover, they go bankrupt one after another

15 November 2010 / 18:11:53  
Fuel prices have increased by 60% for one year and over 800 stations have closed since the beginning of 2010, average turnover of the others decreased by 30%. Another 1000 earn only enough to cover their costs and are expected to close shortly.