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Archive - Mar 8, 2012

Moment of truth comes for the shareholders of Greek banks

08 March 2012 / 23:03:25  
The turning point for the main shareholders of Greek banks comes after the end of the process of restructuring of the Greek external debt (PSI), when the time for recapitalization will come.

The state imposes garnishment of 50 per cent of Aspis’ liquid resources

08 March 2012 / 19:03:17  
The Ministry of Finance imposed garnishment of 50 per cent of the cash assets in the account of Aspis Pronia insurance company.

Why is the Greek PSI poised for success?

08 March 2012 / 10:03:18  
The myth that private creditors will accept significant losses in the restructuring of Greece’s debt, is not quite right, writes Nouriel Roubini in a Financial Times article. The official results will be announced on March 9 at 8 o’clock in the morning at