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Archive - Oct 2013

October 23rd

Bulgarian-Greek police operation for Maria’s father

23 October 2013 / 18:10:46  
Sources claim that the operation involves only Bulgarian police officers who have already found the man in the region of Sandanski.

GRReporter’s readers do not think that Antonis Samaras is able to solve the problems of Greece

23 October 2013 / 14:10:35  
The lowest is the number of votes in favour of the "statement" that Antonis Samaras is the best Greek Prime Minister. It is the preference of 8% of readers of the Bulgarian, 7% of readers of the English and of just 4% of readers of the Greek versions of GRReporter.

Banks cut 3,500 jobs

23 October 2013 / 09:10:16  
The cuts are in the form of voluntary redundancy and must be finalized by the end of 2013.

October 22nd

The mother is the key to solving the mystery of Maria

22 October 2013 / 19:10:33  
А Greek businessman, who has settled in Bulgaria, said that he had seen the girl at a hospital in the town of Sandanski in 2010. Тhe child had had sight problems and had been in the hospital, accompanied by her biological parents. The mother was a Bulgarian Roma woman and the father was blond and blue-eyed.

Greek households lost 3.1 billion euro within one year

22 October 2013 / 17:10:31  
The reported losses are mainly due to the 13.9% reduction of salaries of employees and to the 12.4% reduction of social benefits received by households.

Officials issuing fake birth certificates have been removed

22 October 2013 / 15:10:14  
The case of Maria has revealed the total lack of organization and the huge holes in the Greek public administration. By law, only the affidavits of two witnesses can be the basis of the registration of a newborn child.

"It will be hell until June"

21 October 2013 / 22:10:58  
"No new measures will be introduced, the measures which have been already planned will be implemented only," says Greek Minister of Finance Yiannis Stournaras