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Archive - Jan 2013

January 31st

Far right buried with honours one of the last generals of the junta

31 January 2013 / 19:01:56  
The Far right, members of Golden Dawn and supporters of the military dictatorship buried general Nikos Dertilis, who was one of the organizers of the military coup in 1967. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for shooting down the 20-year-old oppositionist Michalis Mavroyiannis during the student uprising at the Athens Polytechnic School on 18 November 1973.

Scanty protest blocked the centre of Athens

31 January 2013 / 17:01:37  
The main protesters were public health workers. They gathered in front of the relevant ministry to express their dissatisfaction with the budget cuts, the lack of staff and the serious shortage of medicines.

Only the court and the prosecutor’s office are aware of why Boeing is not involved in Case 24120/2012

30 January 2013 / 23:01:47  
A flaw in the design of the plane had caused a failure in the pressurising system of the fatal plane of the Cypriot company Helios Airways, which crashed near Athens on 14 August 2005.

January 30th

Property tax six times higher from 2010 to date

30 January 2013 / 21:01:32  
The government is planning to impose a new tax on property, which will replace the previously existing series of property taxes. According to the government plans, it should bring into the treasury a total of five billion euro by 2014.

Two persons have been captured for the arson of Marfin Bank

30 January 2013 / 18:01:06  
The testimony of four witnesses helped the authorities to get to the two suspects. The witnesses made nearly identical descriptions of the attackers who had smashed the window of the bank on Stadiou Street, threw Molotov bombs inside and killed three people.

Farmers want subsidies of 2.2 billion euro per year

30 January 2013 / 16:01:55  
A series of demands that are hard to be met portends long protests this winter. Farmers urge the government to grant them naphtha exempt from excise duty, ensure the purchase prices of their produce and increase the government funding of the sector.

Communists have occupied the Ministry of Employment

30 January 2013 / 14:01:34  
The police used tear gas to disperse the members of the PAME union. Their comrades have occupied the floor where the office of Minister Yiannis Vroutsis is located.