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Archive - Jun 26, 2013

One of the largest companies in the food industry declares bankruptcy

26 June 2013 / 22:06:26  
In the middle of this week, the company management announced that it would suspend its activities but would continue to pay the salaries of its employees until 18 September this year, when it is expected that the Athens court will consider at first instance the company’s application for bankruptcy.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline has good chances to win

26 June 2013 / 20:06:34  
According to Greek media which refer to sources of the European Union, Gunther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Energy, had stated that the choice of the TAP pipeline was final.

China is the only hope for investments in Greece

26 June 2013 / 20:06:00  
The annual report of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) shows that foreign direct investment in Greece amounted to $ 2.9 billion in 2012 compared to 2011, when the amount was only $ 1.1 billion.

Iraklia - ruins with a sea breeze

26 June 2013 / 17:06:01  
Remains of a temple of Zeus were found on the island as well as of a temple of the goddess of fortune who, according to mythology, was the daughter of Hermes and Aphrodite and whom the ancient Greeks worshipped as the patroness of cities.