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Government of buffoons

27 October 2015 / 18:10:28  GRReporter
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At first glance, this is a government of buffoons. Just look at the photos of the visit of Francois Hollande. Parliament chairman Nikos Voutsis who is ready to burst, always wearing dark shirts. Or flashy, though shabby, Minister of Education Nikos Fillis. The third one who was invited to the presidency and who was casually chatting on his mobile phone during the dinner... It is enough to hear the statements that they blurt out at every opportunity, sometimes calling VAT on private education "petty cash" or refugees "holidaymakers" and the two minutes that Obama devoted to Alexis Tsipras a "summit". At first glance, they look like a rabble that has no idea what it is and where it is going. They are reminiscent of Woody Allen's funny film "Small Time Crooks". The small crook who has been able to make a fortune by accident, perfectly legally at that, and who, imitating the dress style and manners of the rich, has become a laughingstock even in the eyes of the woman who is in love with him.

It could not however be the case. SYRIZA’s heavy artillery includes people with many valuable qualities and others whose CVs inspire respect. Scientists who had proved themselves with their knowledge. Intelligentsia, whose thoughts had attracted great interest, at least some time ago. Resistance fighters against the dictatorship, who had not betrayed their history until recently. Admittedly, they were the elite of the nation. What has happened to them? How have those who had a reputation of selected fighters on the sidelines of the political scene become a laughing stock when they have been called to come to the fore? I can offer two answers that reveal the scale of their tragedy.

On the one hand, the professional members of a leftist party live in a sort of a capsule from the time of joining it (usually in their teenage years). Their every activity is associated with the "collective action". Night overtakes them at the headquarters or local offices of their organizations and they meet the dawn there too. They chew the Marxist theory again and again. They take a stand on issues of international politics, deliver to each other lectures dedicated to post-Maoist China and revive the revolutionary fervour of Latin America. Gradually, they lose all contact with real life that is very simple in their eyes. Even when they are involved in various trade union organizations or run a business, their heart is fully devoted to the dream. Even their friendships or love affairs are born in the party, developing in it too. "Let the bride and groom be well and healthy, always at the front line in the fight!" - visitors to a wedding greeted the couple once.

Now imagine these people facing the relentless routine, having to take decisions, find solutions to acute, pressing problems, which can be found in no work by Marx and Antonio Gramsci.

Realizing the blasphemous comparison, I will compare them with the monks of Mount Athos, who have suddenly assumed the management of a brothel. Or of a casino as a last resort. Not that monks are absent from bm sin. Probably it is the opposite. Just that their sins are very weakly associated with prostitution and gambling on the part of ordinary mortals. If a monk ended up in a brothel, the best he could do would be to rush off.

However, SYRIZA’s "monks" have decided to govern regardless of the psychological cost. Since photogenic Alexis has won the elections for them, they will hold the helm fast. They believe that people will forgive them every time they go astray. The moral advantage gained after decades of fasting and prayer will excuse their compromises, vacillations and childish blunders. However, discontent is eating them inside. The painful compromises, the numerous concessions in recent months are makidentityng them face an identity crisis. No matter how sweet the honey of power is, how will they, the revolutionaries, look in the mirror the idol that they worship? How will they render an account before history, how will generations remember them? As those who signed and implemented the third memorandum imposed by the creditors at any cost?

The psychological reaction is fully expected. Losing in terms of essence, Syrizians are gripping at the form. They are compensating the obedience to the European partners, the Troika, and ultimately to reality through revolutionary chatter and childish gestures, retreating by singing revolutionary songs and burning their neckties like feminists burnt their bras in the past.

The more things are pressing them, the more they will look like buffoons. Prepare to see Nikos Voutsis growing a ponytail despite the little hair he has left.

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