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How to eat depending on our horoscope

19 November 2011 / 17:11:01  GRReporter
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    One of the most frequently asked questions, mostly by women is "How to lose weight? How do I maintain my desired weight?". It, the answer, is very simple - "Eat the appropriate for you food in the right way for you." The implementation of this procedure, however, proved enormously complicated and difficult.

    In this article I will focus on how we can make the most of the food we eat and keep our body and brain in good condition. Of course through the individual horoscope.
    In any advertisement for a drug it always says the following: "Read the instructions before use." It would be good when we decide to use our digestive system to do the same – to be familiar with how to use it, so that it fulfills its purpose with maximum efficiency. Have you ever asked yourself what happens when you eat? Do you know what is the best way to use your digestive system? Not that the food you give your body is irrelevant, but it is very important also how you feed it. Maintaining optimal weight is achieved by respecting the right way of feeding for your digestive system.

    The food we eat, breaks down in our body into various components. Which then "go" on their way and thus have different functions. Every person has a digestive system that operates in its own way and at its own pace. I've already told you about which planet symbolizes what food and how to understand from our horoscope why we crave certain foods at a given moment, how appropriate they are for us. So the type of food we eat takes pride of place.

    The next step in the use of the digestive system is related to the way we eat. I actually think it is the most important part. Since this determines the condition of the digestive system and its ability to function properly. You may be eating the right food, but if it is not ingested in a certain way it cannot be digested so well and thus we cannot get the most out of it. In order for the body and brain to receive only the most necessary and most valuable components, and for the rest to be discarded without being stored somewhere in the body in the form of extra weight.

    I'll give you one example. Taking rabbits as a species, it is known they are herbivorous mammals. They like eating various shrubs, the bark of young saplings, cabbage. But it is a much more interesting fact that the rabbit is a nocturnal animal. During the day, the rabbit lies asleep and at night it goes to eat. The rabbit, the wild one, the pure breed, has a digestive system that is ready to work at night when there’s no direct sunlight. Between the wild and domestic rabbit, however, there is a huge difference. The domestic one is unable to run across the field, the wild one is a great athlete, which runs at up to 70 km/h. So the wild and the domestic rabbits feed in different ways and on different (though similar) products.

    There are 12 basic ways of feeding. For every person only one of them is the most appropriate. This is the way in which your digestive system will function at full capacity, it will supply your body with the most valuable ingredients and it will "send" them exactly where they’re needed. Everything else is discarded. Sometimes the type is pure, but sometimes it is a combination of two basic types.

    I will give you brief definitions of the various zodiac signs and the planets, which are dominating in the horoscope. In order to determine the exact way in which your digestive system works a detailed study of your individual horoscope is needed. But to have some general information read the description of the sign in which the Moon is in your horoscope.

    Sign Aries (or dominant planet Mars) - This sign defines a simple digestive system which functions best when eating only one product and only when you're hungry. You can eat 10 times a day (if you feel hungry), but it is most important to eat only one type of food per meal, and for it to be as simple as possible.

    Sign Taurus (or dominant planet Venus in female signs) - This sign defines a digestive system that is very "capricious." Capriciousness lies in the fact it needs to get the same food, have a constant daily menu. The most important condition - the food should be tasty, to be your favourite and you should eat it with pleasure. Of course, this menu can be changed depending on how delicious the meal is for you, and also depending on the season. But it should constitute a balanced diet: to every day change your diet is something that your digestive system will not tolerate and it will "get confused."

    Sign Gemini (or dominant planet Mercury, in the male active signs) - This sign defines a digestive system, which is highly reactive to the processing of food. The most important condition here is for the food to be warm, even hot, or at least as much as you can tolerate. Food can be varied, but it is desirable that it be of the type, which is subject to heat treatment. Another useful condition is to drink more fluids (hot) and not to to feel thirsty at any time.

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