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iPhone – the magic is nearly over

13 September 2013 / 16:09:14  GRReporter
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The new iPhone 5S was presented two days ago and, actually, not one but two phones were presented. The expectations and rumours that Apple would present a budget phone turned out to be true, except for the part of "budget". The completed version of the operating system iOS7, which revives the mobile devices of Apple, was presented too. The show was in the familiar style, the stylistics was in the familiar style and even the bombastic stock phrases were in the familiar style. And here is the problem, namely that Apple seems to be moving in a tread. The preliminary consumer research showed greater expectations for a bigger screen. Apple had adhered to its predetermined plan and showed a refreshed version of iPhone 5. The changes which we would call revolutionary a few years ago now can be defined only as cosmetic and words like "innovation" sound increasingly unconvincing to us.

Do not get me wrong. Apple and iPhone are as exclusive and interesting as before. However, what is missing from the whole picture is what the late Steve Jobs described as "magic". The magic of innovation, of surprise and astonishment that a phone can be used for so many new things. Is this because almost everything that could be introduced as options in a smartphone is already available? What else could be invented and discovered? Let us find out together.

The characteristics in brief

Apple has never focused on specific technical characteristics. It believes that users do not care what is inside their devices and that they need a smartphone to do their job smoothly and easily and have fun. However, what distinguishes the new model from the previous one?
Firstly, this is Apple’s heart and pride, its processor A7 which is 64-bit already. The processor has more than 1 billion transistors and is built on the ARM architecture. The company has announced that the new processor is 56 times faster than that of the first iPhone. We can say without any doubt that Apple's processors are some of the things that have always brought uncompromising power. To this, we must add the graphics chip which provides the best performance in entertainment devices and offers gamers a great experience. The chip uses the OpenGL / ES Version 3.0 for better performance of video games. "The level of graphics performance has been unseen in smartphones to date" as stated during the presentation. It is uncompromising as well. Apple has developed a new coprocessor, M7, which specializes in calculations of movements and controls the sensors of the device. This will allow the development of intelligent applications for fitness, health and other activities which will make the smartphone a more significant part of users, everyday life.
Part of the criticism is directed towards the introduction of a mobile 64-bit processor as it is believed that it is too early for this and that it is insignificant at the moment. The importance of the 64-bit capacities is primarily related to the option of fully using the four or more gigabytes of RAM. So far, Apple phones have been equipped with a maximum of 1 GB. We do not know the memory range of the new flagship of the company from Cupertino but it is not expected that it will exceed 2 GB and according to some analysts, it will probably be like that of iPhone 5, namely 1 GB. Next comes the refreshed appearance of the operating system iOS7 which, by tradition, had been presented earlier this year. It became the subject of strong criticism mainly because of its design and the use of icons and elements so different in style. It is clear why the disappointment was so great bearing in mind the fact that Jonathan Eve, one of the people closest to Steve Jobs and his famous design talent, is responsible for its appearance. Apple explained that it had been short of time and promised to offer a state-of-the-art product. This will be clear on 18 September when iOS7 will be available for download. We know for sure that the operating system provides backward compatibility with the existing 32-bit applications.

It is also expected that the phone's camera has been improved, as a new flash, TrueTone Flash composed of two diodes which secure stronger light, has been added to it. The camera itself is 8 megapixels and can record HD videos at 120 frames per second.

For the first time iPhone was introduced not in two but in three colours, namely golden, silver and gray.

I cannot refrain from associating the colours of Apple’s new flagship with the Olympic medals. This is the first association I make when I look at them. Is 5S a champion? The prices in the UK, for example, are 20 pounds higher than the price of the previous model. In practice, I see nothing that could lead to a similar price increase.

The latest innovation, which has been widely discussed, is the fingerprint sensor embedded in the hardware button on the phone and which unlocks the phone. Due to the scandals related to security and to the ability of U.S. security services to spy on personal data, this feature was met with mixed feelings. So, Apple has had to emphasize that the smartphone does not collect fingerprints, as they are only used to unlock the device. Another criticism regarding the fingerprint sensor is that it has been embedded in laptops for years but has never become especially popular. In addition, often it is the cause for problems rather than for benefits. We cannot agree or disagree with this opinion before seeing how effectively Apple has addressed this element of security.

Would you buy one of the latest models of iPhone?
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