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The largest number of billionaires are born under the sign Virgo

10 March 2012 / 19:03:09  GRReporter
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    Sign Taurus
    In popular astrology this is the sign, symbolizing money and possessions. People born under this sun sign are highly oriented towards comfort and luxuries in life and this becomes the main motive. Venus dominates the sun sign itself. And the eighth house - other people's money - is dominated by Jupiter. From its position in the individual horoscope depends the amount of other people’s money - the more remarkable the position of Jupiter is, the more this money is. But because of the real nature of Jupiter, a chance is always provided for some time.
    Mercury dominates the second house - of possessions. These people spend all of their brainpower on how to acquire money and material resources of all types. Very often precisely the people with the sun sign Taurus are very good in financial combinatorics associated with mental "skill" in speculation. What direction this intelligence will take, what the capacity for preservation is depends on the position of Mercury.

    Sign Gemini
    This sign is probably scantily represented among wealthy people. The second house is governed by the Moon, which is extremely variable in nature. This leads to frequent hesitations and constant variability in the possessions and the accumulated material resources. The eighth house is dominated by Saturn, which is not a "generous" planet. Of course this depends on its position in the individual horoscope. But the usual flow of other people’s money is limited. For this sign the phase of the Moon sign at birth is extremely important for the ability to accumulate. The more complete it is (birth around full moon) the better this affects this ability.

    Sign Cancer
    This sign is known to be highly contagious and loves accumulating. The second house is governed by the sun and thus cancer is the only sign in the zodiac, whose possessions and accumulation potential are dominated by the most important heavenly body on our Earth. The sun is the main source of resources, since without it life cannot exist. This endows the people born under the sign Cancer with natural protection - the universe takes care of their survival, helping them to store enough material resources. The eighth house is ruled by Saturn, and therefore the flow of other people’s money is limited. To what extent, however, depends on the position of this planet in the individual horoscope.

    Sign Leo
    This sign is known to be especially generous. And if you're generous, then you yourself have enough. It is dominated by the Sun, which always gives and which always has enough. The eighth house is dominated by Jupiter - the most generous planet. This means that even if the position of Jupiter is not particularly good, still these people are given a chance for a good inflow of other people’s money - everyone on this earth loves the sun, respectively, the person. Therefore, this sign has serious chances for earnings and significant cash flow from others. But preservation is often problematic because of the persistent need of the Sun to give its recourse.
     The second house is dominated by Mercury, which brings good practicality and "mental dexterity" to people born under this sign. Of course the position of Mercury is also important in determining in what direction to focus on these abilities. Again, the person's ability to retain material resources depends on this position.

    Sign Virgo
    Here's the most acclaimed billionaires’ sign. The second house is ruled by Venus. As I already mentioned this factor by itself plays a significant role for one’s wealth, as Venus gives the ability to find ways to maximize the benefit from everything. The eighth house is dominated by Mars. Mars is a planet that is able to penetrate and with this ability it makes its way to every "pocket". What exactly is its ability depends on its position in the individual horoscope. In this sign preference is given to the amount of "other people’s pockets," not their quality. Which could ultimately provide a stable cash flow of other people’s money.

    Sign Libra
    In this sign, the second house is governed by Mars and the eighth house, by Venus. Exactly the opposite of the sign Virgo. Mars itself is not suitable for the accumulation of material resources, it is weak in this regard. In the sign Libra, it rather contributes to "breaking" of the personal pocket from which a person’s resources flow out. How big is the hole will depend on the position of this planet in the horoscope. Venus as governor of the eighth house contributes to the presence of people with money in the environment of communication. But very often the money of others that is available, is not particularly much or it just stays there - in other people’s pockets.

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