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The length of a relationship depends on the relationship between the moons in the male and female horoscope

08 October 2011 / 14:10:51  GRReporter
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I will share with you a secret about life. Our life is our relationship - with food, water, light, sounds, money, with the car, with our job, with love, with others. Our life is built on our relationship with everything that flows to us from the outside. In all of its forms. And how good or bad our relationship is with our "environment" and the people we meet by chance or otherwise, determines how happy our lives will or will not be. 

Now do not think that it is very simple to have a happy life. On the contrary, it is immensely complicated and impossible to always have good relations with all and everything around us. 

Of course the biggest part of our lives is our relations with people. Therefore, in this article I will focus on them. I will tell you about one part of astrology, called synastry, and the very first basic rule in it. Synastry involves comparing the natal horoscopes of two people who are in a relationship. Briefly the two horoscopes are imposed on each other and the connections formed between the planets are compared. 

When I first started studying this part of astrology, I often could not understand how people who should have a strong attraction to one another and who should be able to build a great and lasting relationship, in fact do not attract each other and create nothing more than a pleasant acquaintance, while others, who according to all rules were not meant for each other and were not supposed to even notice each other, were together. Naturally the answer was very simple and lies in the birth chart of each one of us. Someone whose horoscope shows a weak capacity for a happy love relationship will be attracted to a person whose horoscope has the same features. And vice versa – a person whose individual horoscope shows that there are resources to create a happy and loving relationship will surely attract a person whose horoscope has the same information. 

I needed to mention this in the beginning because it is very important to understand why, even if we see a wonderful synastry, people might not attract each other, or they may be involved with one another but only for a short time and then separate. Sometimes people who have difficulty communicating with others and are described as antisocial, create beautiful and lasting relationships, whereas others who have a great ability to socialize, communicate well with people, increasingly find themselves in relationships that sooner or later end. 

There are many rules and details taken into account when considering a partnership horoscope, but I will focus on one main rule here. Of course before doing this it is advisable to make an individual analysis in order to assess the innate patterns of each partner in the couple. 

A relationship between two people is based on the emotions and feelings they have for one another and their instincts. Therefore, the mutual location of the moon from one chart to another is a priority for synastry. It also indicates towards which area of ​​life the focus is directed in a given couple and which topic in life becomes the most important for both of them from a mental-emotional perspective. 

How can we define the mutual disposition of two moons in a horoscope? We number the sign of the Moon in the first horoscope with one (1) and count in which sign the moon falls in the other horoscope. 

Example: a woman's moon sign is in Pisces, and that of the man is in the sign Taurus. We count: 

Pisces - 1 sign 
Aries - 2 sign 
Taurus - 3 sign 
Gemini - 4 sign 
Cancer - 5 sign 

Therefore the moon of the man stands in sign three (3) of the moon of the woman and forms relationship 1:3 for the woman and 1:11 for the man. 

A general principle states that the number of characters between the moon of the man and the moon of the woman, counting counterclockwise, should be less than eight (8). In other words, the path of the zodiac, where the male moon travels to the female moon must be less than the travel distance of the female moon to the male one. I will give you an example. The moon of the woman is in sign Pisces, and the moon of the man is in sign Taurus. The path of the male moon from Taurus to Pisces is much longer than the path of the female Moon from Pisces to Taurus. 

The symbolism behind this rule is related to the fact that men are the active driving force. If a couple is found in the opposite situation, this is reflected in the circumstances that the couple is required to live in. The woman is compelled somehow to take on the male role and to be the active driving force. This may bring her serious discomfort, unless she as an individual is designed to be able to do this. 

The strongest and deepest couple relationships are those where the moons are in relation 1:7. This is the purest expression of partnership without the intervention of other factors to take priority. After this comes the relation 1:1 relationship, i.e. Moons are in the same sign and relationships 1:5 and 1:9. This is a fundamental principle. Yet we must not forget that everything depends on the individual horoscope and which type of relationship a person will prefer and what type of partnership he/she is seeking - one which could ensure a good social status, good social circle, or the generation of good financial status 

Now, I will give you a brief description of the twelve types. 

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