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Let's look at the dark side of our personality

06 October 2012 / 13:10:31  GRReporter
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They say that the reason behind every great achievement is the passion for money, power, significance or love (emotions, feelings, sex). I would add that the reason for every great crime is the passion for money, power, significance or love, too.

 In this article I will write about our inclinations towards violating established rules and laws - whether people are potential thieves, swindlers, forgers, fraudsters and whether they tend to kill or injure other living creatures. However, I would like to remind you in the very beginning, that only through an accurate analysis of the individual horoscope can it be defined whether this tendency is deep and whether it goes beyond human norms.

 Popular astrology usually attributes everything to the so-called "zodiac sign". Every astrologer will tell you, however, that no absolute conclusions can be drawn from the "zodiac sign" alone. It would be the same as drawing conclusions from a person's height or weight. Therefore, the statistics emanating from the "zodiac sign" are interesting, but in the end representatives of all zodiac signs can be found in these statistics. This is precisely why people are sceptical and think that astrology is a sham. Instead, people should know that the zodiac sign alone is not enough to draw conclusions.

 Usually, people commit crimes because of money, love, sex, personal beliefs and religion. However, I will not enter into minute details. Instead, I will only give the outlines of our dark side. Everybody has a dark side and people are periodically prone to infringements such as speeding, public law violations, stealing (even just a box of paper clips from the office), not paying bills, borrowing money without repaying it, physical or verbal violence to others (for example, rows, insults, fights). On the other hand, how far one would go beyond the limits can be defined only through a careful and detailed analysis of the horoscope.

Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are defined as the rascals and villains in astrology. These planets are believed to show whether the person is prone to violate the established social and human norms, whether he or she will be "evil" and to what extent - whether this person commits the crime or if he or she is the one who suffers it. This is the basic principle.

But when we are talking about people's proneness to different types and severity of crimes and offences, these planets are of secondary importance, because Venus plays the main part here. Popular astrology usually presents Venus as lavishly sprinkled with powdered sugar and rose fragrance and it delicately hides the dark side because it is far more favourable to speak about pleasant things. The Mayans associated Venus with violence - not Mars or Saturn. When they saw Venus rising before the Sun in the morning, they said that "Venus is throwing her spear." They considered Venus a goddess with two faces - one beautiful and fascinating and the other dark and disgusting.

In Greek mythology, Venus (or Aphrodite) was well known for her great abilities to spark passion - love and hate in equal amounts. Venus, as it has been said before, is a planet symbolizing human desires - the desire for love, money, power, strength, and anything else you can think of. Every crime is always related to a strong desire and a strong, unhealthy passion for something.

Did you know that of all the planets in the solar system, Venus is the hottest? Its surface is so hot, that even lead would melt there. Climatic conditions there are reminiscent of hell - with the inferno's boiling cauldrons and horned devils. The atmospheric pressure is almost 100 times higher than the Earth's. All these astronomical facts are a symbol of the deep tension resulting from our desires - these desires actually crush us and burn us to ashes.

Therefore, when we want to find out whether a given person is prone to stealing, breaking social norms, killing or using force, we should first consider Venus. Venus and Mars are one of the astronomical "couples" in the solar system. Together, they specify what makes a person act completely spontaneously and naturally. Venus shows the thing we strive for, the things we want to experience and the things we have a deep passion for, while Mars shows the way in which we achieve these things.

Venus in the horoscope defines whether a person will have a destroyed values system and therefore a tendency to commit more serious crimes. Normally, if Venus in the horoscope falls in a sign in which its position is very favourable (Taurus, Libra or Pisces), this is considered to be something positive. But this is not always true. A well positioned Venus "believes" that it is entitled to everything on its territory: "I'm home, I'm a star and I can do whatever I want to". These are the signs in which Venus often manifests some kind of a stardom behaviour. And if it is hurt and affected by a "malefactor" (Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto), Venus has no serious inhibitions to break and violate rules and norms.

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