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Love in astrological terms – part 2

22 October 2010 / 16:10:46  GRReporter
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Desire to experience abundance in life. In practice, they are modest when involving into intimate relations. They find incentives in almost everything. They are absolutely optimistic. They need no special reason to get into relationships. They like everything and never get enough. They are always looking for more. Able to involve into intimate relationships with people that are capable to finance all their temptations.


Desire to limit or unwillingness to love rather. Involving into intimate relationships means limitations. They are suspicious about love and are very careful. They are afraid that it brings only suffering, that they can lose it. But this is exactly what motivates them to initiate intimate relations. They enter into relationships that pose potential difficulties. This is not an easy starting position for Venus as it does not bring many opportunities for people to ask and seek love.


Desire to differ in some way, to show their individuality and uniqueness. Their intimacy is very independent and free. Love with them begins suddenly, as a thunder, sometimes in very unusual circumstances and when they feel very special. They get in intimate relationships with a bang, which surprises even them themselves. They express themselves absolutely free in a very open way. The word ‘taboo’ is not in their dictionary.


Desire for romance, fiery, ideal love. They are able to express themselves in a very fine, delicate and idealistic manner. The biggest romantics and idealists, but also the most confused people in love relationships. If anything breeds a sense of ideal love, they fall in love and get fully attached. This is their motive to enter into intimate relationships - romance just like in a fairy tale.


Desire to experience love in its deepest. Obsessed with desire to experience it in the most intense way. They are irresistibly striving to find love - with a capital L. They go into intimate relations only when they feel a deep attraction and want to have a person with his or her love in full.

Here are the basic definitions about what love teaches man, what is the experience acquired.


Find individuality to recognize their ego. Through love they manage to find meaning in life, which is connected only to them, not to the other. They learn to self-assessment through people they love, to assess the lasting relationships.


Find emotional security. They learn how to express their love openly and spontaneously. They can fall into helpless, stagnant situations until they learn to enjoy the moment, to follow the flow of life and allow their emotions to flow.


Find diversity, flexibility and variability. They learn to communicate with others through ‘exchanging’ love, to ‘play’ as children with love. Everything new is a sharp incentive for them. They may have many volatile and short connections and endless flirting.


They learn how to express actively through actions their emotional impulses and love. To show it, to be dynamic and initiative in love. They can be aggressive in intimate relationships.


To experience abundance in life. To learn to find love anywhere, to learn to have faith and optimism through love, to keep the spark through it… This leads to a constant ‘hunger’ for more. They can never get enough. They can enter a relationship because of the financial side.


To find the discipline and structure in love. They learn to accept restrictions in love, to be cautious and careful, to be realistic, and not to walk heavily because otherwise it hurts. They often suffer in love, they loose it. They are inclined to get into ‘cold’ and practical relationships.


They learn to express their love freely, in any individual ways. To find something unique in themselves and remain completely independent. Not to comply with any social norms, friendly advice and traditions. They learn to appreciate life and allow themselves to experiment.


Find romance in love. They often get into very confused intimate relationships, desperate sometimes. They learn to express their love in a very delicate and subtle way. They give in full, almost completely loosing themselves. Love can be extremely exhausting, and therefore lead to total chaos in life.


Find love to obsess them in the most intense way. Everything must be to the extreme. They learn to feel love deeply and passionately, to find satisfaction.

I will mention something else in brief. Planetary order can change over the years. This means that there are several stage of development and acquisition of experience with love for some people. Simply, if the planetary order for Venus in the birthday horoscope is Mars-Venus-Sun, it can change to Sun-Venus-Jupiter after a number of years. This is determined by a predictive technique called secondary progressions. According to it, every day after birth is equivalent to one year of life.

Such a change does not mean that the birthday pattern is invalid and void. It rather indicates that the person will be able to gain the experiences set in the birthday horoscope and to change the way they enter into intimate relationships and experience them after a certain age.

Of course, there are those horoscopes where the planetary order of Venus can remain almost constant throughout the active love life. In this case we can hardly say if that man would be able to learn the lessons.

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