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Mercury advises us how to communicate in love

20 October 2013 / 15:10:22  GRReporter
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Love attraction always starts nonverbally. Everything starts with the appearance and genetic imperative in the first few seconds. Sometimes, everything ends with the same too because there is something wrong in terms of communication. Everybody has had a short affair with "no words" at least once. Undoubtedly, words are unnecessary in love, but they are necessary for the partnership. We have not developed the ability to read thoughts yet. Men and women meet not only in order to bring up the next generation, but to be partners in life. Communication, the exchange of ideas and thoughts, plans, dreams, hopes and desires, is an integral part of a partnership.

It is very important for each relationship that people like the communication between them. Many relationships have failed because of this. Often, a strong physical attraction ends quickly, because it turns out that the people just cannot communicate, because it is uninteresting and boring for them. In today's article, I will write about what type of communication attracts us in love; how we communicate, what attracts our attention and suggests that a person's physical attraction will be complemented with good communication and that we will be interested in this person. And this is a guarantee of something which is more than a three-day sexual affair.

In the personal horoscope, Mercury has great importance in terms of the ways in which we communicate verbally - what style of communication we have, when we listen carefully and with interest and when we refuse to listen to others. The position of Mercury also provides information on topics that bring us a sense that we have good communication with our loved one.

Below, you will find general information about the position of Mercury in various zodiac signs. The position according to the house is also important, since it indicates the topics which we like. The position according to the sign and aspects of planets in terms of Mercury tell us what our speech and our style of communication is and when we listen carefully or when we don’t listen at all. And the position according to the house tells us what we love to talk about and in which topics we are most talkative.

I will inform you that Mercury is rarely separated from the sun by more than 28° and, therefore, it is usually in the sun sign for about 75% of people. For the remaining 25%, it is in one of the nearby signs. For example, if you were born under the sign of Aries, Mercury is in Aries for 75% of people. For the rest, it is either in Pisces, or in Taurus. Therefore, if you do not know the position according to the zodiac sign of Mercury in your personal horoscope, read the information about the sign in which the Sun falls.

Mercury in Aries or the first house

In love, you communicate in a very straightforward manner. You are absolutely unfamiliar with any tricks and prevarications. You say whatever you think. You like short talks in which there is a challenge and an opportunity for a "battle." You hate hints and do not understand how there are people who say one thing while thinking something completely different. If you like the person, but he or she speaks vaguely, intricately or evasively, you lose interest very quickly and stop listening to him or her. But if the other provokes you, your whole being starts glowing with pleasure.

You love discussing your personality, your individuality, your appearance and everything that affects you. You are extremely interested in talks about grooming and image - body, sports, physique, behaviour and manners.

Mercury in Tauru sor the second house

In love, you communicate very calmly, naturally and slowly. You consider well what you will say. You appreciate everything that comes out of your mouth and you never even tend to scatter your words. You don’t like stormy emotional conversations, or being flooded by a waterfall of words. If the other speaks too complicatedly or uses many foreign words and abstractions, you simply refuse to listen. You are realistic and bet on practicality, therefore all practical issues attract you. You prefer that the other not read poetry to you but talk about bank interest, for example.

You like discussing money, property and the material side of life, especially when these affect you personally. You rarely discuss anything in general which has no practical relevance for you.

Mercury in Gemini or the third house

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