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Our weak spot is the deepest motivation for everything in life

05 November 2011 / 20:11:31  GRReporter
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Human psychology in the modern world has acquired enormous dimensions. If ten centuries ago people were rarely interested in their internal impulses, today there are almost no people who do not think about themselves, their desires, instincts, the psychological mechanisms that move them in life and what their function is in the world.

Some time ago I wrote an article about the main types of fears that haunt us when we are thrown into crisis and what the general compensation mechanism is, which we turn on in order to overcome them.

In this article I will talk about our weak spot, which is the deepest motivation for all of us in life. Each of us has a basic mechanism in life that on one side is the driving force in our lives, and on the other is our weakness that we face constantly and that most of us want to get rid of. This is totally absurd. This is something like saying that everybody wants to live in heaven but nobody wants to die.

Nothing happens in our lives with a reason. Every one of us has a set of "tools", mainly psychological, thanks to which we are kept alive. We have protective mechanisms and it is necessary for us to follow them because they are given to us from birth, and not try to fix them or throw them away. We will not only be unsuccessful in restoring our balance and saving ourselves but we may fall into even greater crisis by trying to become stable through something that is not ours.

In my life experience with people I have found that one of the main problems lies in the fact that we always try to be something other than our deepest nature. If I am a person whose greatest weakness is the sensation of uncertainty, then this is my nature. My weakness is my greatest strength, my deepest motivation to live and my most powerful engine. In moments when I try to "fix and throw” my need of security, I actually quit on myself. Why do you need to do this? I definitely do not, because in this way I reject my own identity.

Everyone has their main weaknesses, which are the sources of many problems in life. But at the same time they are the most powerful engine. The analysis of the individual horoscope includes opening highlighted zodiac signs and planets that are associated with our weakest spot. A place in which our greatest strength and power are hidden.

Emphasis on the signs Aries and Gemini. I am not necessarily talking about the Sun being in these signs. It is enough for these signs to be highlighted in the individual horoscope. From planets - Mars and Mercury.

Their weak spot is the feeling of insecurity and shame. These people try to make things right in order to feel safe. They are terrified of the thought of being wrong and feel that making mistakes is a huge shame. And all this is done only for them to realize that they are making even more mistakes and therefore they feel more insecure and terribly ashamed. After yet another mistake they bury their heads in the sand, they become isolated and investigate everything to the last detail. Ultimately, their greatest security is gained from the mistakes they make. These are people who truly learn from their mistakes.

Emphasis on Aries and Cancer from planets - Mars and Moon.

Their weak spot is the eruption of uncertainty when faced with resistance from others and the feeling that they are not accepted. They constantly try to associate with people, to maintain a good social circle around them. And every time, when confronted with failure, no matter how small, they close their door to others gradually. Any resistance and rejection from others is a strong blow to their sense of security and they simply withdraw haughtily. But this is their greatest strength - the feeling that someone does not accept them, they are rejected, leading them to learn to be patient and to adjust to the frequency of others. Not to comply only with themselves.

Emphasis on Taurus and Cancer from planets - Venus and Moon.

The weakness of these people is the unconscious feeling that they feel unwanted. No matter who they are with, how many friends they have, what social circle surrounds them, they behave as if they are unwanted. In one wonderful moment they become shocked when someone rejects them or opposes them openly. Their usual reaction is to gradually close themselves in their inaccessible tower, in their own little world by limiting the number of people they communicate with. When they close themselves in and admit only certain people into their world, they actually indulge in their hobbies, their favorite things, thanks to which they can create unique things which can improve their talents. Such people always have some natural talent for creativity. Their weakness, that they feel unwanted actually forces them to indulge in their ability to improve a talent, through which they can achieve something in this world.

Emphasis on Taurus and Leo from planets - the Sun and Venus.

The weakness of these people is their reputation, the opinion of others about them. Their usual behavior goes something like this "I do not care what others think of me." Therefore alienating people without understanding why. And the reality is that what people think of them interests them more than anything else. They want their place in society. When at one point they find themselves in "peace and quiet", they start looking for any chance to attract attention to themselves and to develop their ability to serve general causes, to help people.

Emphasis on Gemini and Leo from planets - Mercury and Sun.

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