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Signs of financial troubles

22 January 2016 / 14:01:00  GRReporter
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The money that we have is one of the most important things. In fact, to put it bluntly, it is the most important thing after health. Money allows us to provide ourselves with what we need to live, to survive. Therefore, almost everything in our lives is associated with it.

Today’s article is about the signs suggesting that changes are in store with regard to the money we earn and have. The change can be good but maybe not. However, the fact is that life always makes some signs. I will focus primarily on what is related to the occurrence of some problems because when the situation is about to improve, there is not much of a need to be more careful.

The second house in the personal horoscope has the meaning of "personal resources and means." Personal resources include all things through which we survive and thereby stay alive. In the first place, those are food, clothing and belongings that are vital for us followed by money that helps us obtain these vital things. The position of the second house in the horoscope shows one’s personal wealth, what one manages to earn and accumulate in life, and the ways to do so. This house, however, can show the reasons that lead to both upward and downward changes.

The zodiac sign, which covers the second house and the planets associated with it, might give us directions regarding how to perceive these changes, how to recognize that a more specific situation is in store.

I will now give information on the signs that indicate the occurrence of financial problems or complications. As to favourable changes, when an increase in finances is in store, the signs are the same, only in the opposite direction. For example, if the second house falls in Taurus, i.e. your Ascendant is Aries, then if problems are in store, the items that you use start to look worn out, get out of order or break, or you often catch your clothes on something and tear them. Respectively, if a favourable change is in store, you somehow spontaneously start to obtain and buy new things, throwing away the old ones, even if you could use them, it would constantly seem that you have more money in your wallet than usual.

The reading takes place from the Ascendant, since it is the factor that sets the reality in the form of physical conditions, events, and facts.

Ascendant in Aries
The second house falls in Taurus and is ruled by Venus. The dynamics of your income is closely related to the money available to you as well as to the things you have and use on a daily basis. If it more often seems to you that you have less money in your wallet, regardless of the influx, it is a sure sign that problems in revenues and the emergence of financial troubles are in store for you. The same is true if the objects around you, including clothes, furniture, appliances, begin to get out of order more frequently than normal or if most of them somehow break all at once. Tearing your clothes is not just a superstition.

Ascendant in Taurus
The second house falls in Gemini and is ruled by Mercury. The dynamics of your income is closely related to communication, especially to communication means, such as telephone, computer, TV. If you begin to experience problems with these devices or if you find it difficult to connect with the people you need to, for example you cannot find them, they have changed their phone numbers or you have difficulties organising meetings for conversations or fall into a communication chaos, then this means that financial troubles are coming and problems in terms of your income. The same applies to the vehicles at your disposal, such as a car, bicycle. The emergence of problems associated with them is a sign of problems with money.

Ascendant in Gemini
The second house falls in Cancer and is ruled by the Moon. The dynamics of your income is closely related to your home, family, property, the arrangement you have at home. If you begin to feel discomfort at home, if the relationships with the people you live with become tense and oppressive, if you no longer like how your house is furnished, not feeling comfortable especially in the kitchen, then problems in revenues and financial troubles are in store for you. The same applies to the food you cook or take home. If you do not find it tasty or have no desire to cook, it is a sign of emerging financial problems.

Ascendant in Cancer
The second house falls in Leo and is ruled by the Sun. The dynamics of your income is closely linked to your sense of the presence of love in your life, to the feeling that you are loved and you love yourself. It is also connected with the opportunities to realize your talents and skills, and enjoy children in general. If you start to feel a lack of love, if you cannot show love or feel restricted, unable to realize yourself, life alerts you that financial troubles and problems with incomes are in store. The same is true if the presence of children starts to make you nervous and to burden you - it is a sign of money problems.

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