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Two eclipses determine the dynamic nature of October

01 October 2014 / 14:10:43  GRReporter
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In this article I will introduce to you the astrological picture for the period 01 – 31 October. I will start with the general picture as a whole and then I will make individual forecasts. In the previous article I informed you that the new moon in September brings symbolic "might, power, strength". It was a sign that September would be a month in which opportunities would open up in one direction or another - depending on who is going in what direction. Now it is time for achievements, it is high time that we receive a good opportunity, that we get a prize that we deserve and which comes as if without any effort on our part, something like hitting the jackpot.

In a public and political aspect September provoked diplomacy. Even if there are critical situations in some countries and various serious issues, the trend during the month was for a dominance to be imposed not by direct demonstration of force, but through delicate handling and skilful manoeuvring. A certain structure must be achieved, the strata of the world must be settled and positions of leaders must become affirmed. Seen from the surface, I expected that there would be slightly shocking situations, unexpected and sudden decisions, and disorder. However, this is inevitable when there is a shift of positions.

On a personal level, for individuals and smaller social groups, September had also brought an opening up of opportunities - three planets: Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, directed their "efforts" towards "producing" success, making us important and significant in something, in having an advantage over others.

What should we expect in October 2014?

The atmosphere in October is set by the New Moon, which takes place in late September in the sign of Libra. Its symbolism is associated with success, fame, superiority over others and finding a way to prosper. Any alliances between people seeking proper allocation of resources are strongly favoured. In this respect I expect that in October any issues relating to resources (financial, material, intellectual) and their distribution will be affected a little more seriously. We might see a pursuit of creation of unions “of convenience” at all levels - personal, social, government, whose goal is to achieve an overall improvement for all involved. These will be unions whose base is primarily material and has little to do with life views, common vision and similarity, or love.

In October we are awaiting two eclipses - a lunar and a solar one. This is a sign that a special month is coming, in which one of the most important annual events will take place.

The lunar eclipse is on 08 October. It might bring more intense events in the world, as it happens in a zodiac section whose symbol indicates "vacillation between extremes." A feeling occurs that we are not doing what we have to and we tend to go to the completely opposite pole. In the first half of the month there may definitely be "high fever" here and there because of the unpredictable steps people will tend to make. Natural disasters or some other shocking news are not excluded either.

Those born in the 2 or 3 days around 5 April and 8 October will be affected. You may expect the outcome of a long-term project, the important relationships in your life to pass through another stage. Important life matters will finally be resolved.

The solar eclipse is on 23 October and brings much positive energy as it involves a lot of creativity, impulse, passion and inspiration. Communication between people is infused with life; there is a strong desire for unification on a personal level and in the form of larger social groups. This theme will develop very actively in the months following the eclipse.

This affects those born on the 2 or 3 days around April 20 and October 23. You may expect a new phase in your life, with important events related to career fulfilment, self realisation and social status.

Now I will say how the various sectors of the zodiac are affected in October - what topics are provoked and what type of events you can expect. I will make a brief analysis of all of them. Find your date of birth in the descriptions below.

29 December – 9 January

In October, the general atmosphere seems to be progressive to you; you will make progress and expand your activities mainly as regards issues affecting your material status, personal resources and benefits/acquisitions/gains. The month brings many important events that affect professional growth, career and relationships with authoritive figures, as well as opportunities towards achieving new educational levels. You will put most energy into the same field - career and achievement of personal success. The financial sphere is in a good condition, but it is more appropriate to move on with old issues rather than take up new ones. Your love life may be problematic.

10 January – 22 January

In October, the general atmosphere is going to be very productive for you. You have a stake in any personal progress and success, building the foundations of a self-image and personal productivity. It is the right time to bet on new plans and projects. Be careful what you "plant" as it will develop smoothly later in time. This month brings many important events in connection with a life turn, foreign resources, joint property, inheritance, and relations with banks. You put most energy into resolving such issues. The financial sphere brings you some obstacles that make you search for help, and in your love life there might be unexpected events.

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