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Venus sets our flirting "mode"

09 June 2012 / 16:06:48  GRReporter
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In Aries Venus is energetic, bold and direct. If there is a sign that greatly dislikes flirting in the form of jokes, looks, lying and cheating - it's Venus in Aries. They do it as well, but if so it is not for more than 5 minutes. Their style includes situations of competition and challenge. They will offer you to compete in a race, to play something or to have a great argument. This is their signal. Flirting with them is common because it is a source of struggle in which they need to prove to be winners - something that attracts them heavily.

In Taurus Venus is very, very slow. As I stated above, for this sign flirting runs very slowly. They rarely flirt, and if they do it, it is only if they are sure it will lead to a serious commitment. A one-night flirt for them is something unacceptable. Their style is very simple and it is based on the principle of "Seeing is believing". There is almost a tangible expression in the form of gifts, dinners, flowers. They love to touch. Their signals are actually visible as they seek to stimulate your physical senses. As difficult as it is for them to start a flirt, it is just as hardfor them to let go of it. They are sincere and very straightforward.    

In Gemini, Venus is the most flexible and mobile, compared to other signs. This sign is the champion of the zodiac. Flirting for them is an incentive for their intellect and the only possible way of communication. Their style is strictly verbal and it includes all communication ways - letters, conversations, phones, any intellectual games, jokes, playing tricks, etc. The interesting thing with these people is that they flirt for the sake of communication and they rarely take the next step. If they start talking too much and moving their hands, this is an indication that they are flirting with someone nearby.    

In Cancer Venus is flirting with extreme caution. These people use a very fine flirting strategy, which at times includes specific adroit situations. They do not dare to flirt just for the sake of flirting right here and right now. Everything is complying with their long-term plan - looking for care, protection and security. Romantic moments are plentiful. A food is worshipped. If a representative of this combination – Venus in Cancer – offers you food or invites you to their home, then this means he/she is flirting with you very seriously. And this is just the beginning. Their style is care giving, "nutrition" in every way - in the direct sense of the word, and emotionally. They do not like to speak a lot, they keep silent. But they compensate with emotional intimacy and great care.  

In Leo Venus flirts on a big scale and in abundance. I do not mean the quantity but the quality of flirts. They are very romantic just like in the movies - with huge bouquets of flowers, music, champagne, poetry. These people flirt only when they come across a special someone. They do it with an enviable persistence and are very demonstrative. Their signals are direct, because they do not want to waste their time on making things harder for you. The strategy is typically Napoleonic – generous - until they have fully taken your breath away. After that they begin looking for another conquest. This is why these people love flirting.   

In Virgo Venus flirts in a terribly practical manner. In fact these people do it because they are told this is the way it is done. If there are people who flirt and seduce in a fully conscious way, and apply the best "flirting lessons", they are those with Venus in this sign. Their strategy is the clearest one. They always know how much, how and until where they want to reach. The signals they give out are exactly measured. They are not intrusive, but are clear and simple. People with Venus in this sign are the best geishas or male gigolos. The frequency of flirting depends on whether they want to get something from someone.   

In Libra Venus loves to flirt, because flirting is a way to enjoy communicating with others, to feel the pleasure of the most beautiful side of life - romance and love. These people flirt in a very graceful manner, with finesse, trying to satisfy the other. For them, intimacy is something very important in life, this is why they try to keep flirting even during a long-term partnership. But this does not prevent them from flirting outside of a relationship as well. Thus, they always keep themselves in shape for the most important person in their life.   

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