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YouTube’s 10 advantages over TV

07 November 2011 / 16:11:31  GRReporter
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Television is the media, which invaded the homes of billions of people worldwide. But there is one thing that television, because of its specifics, cannot dominate – that is interactivity. It is true that TV producers are trying to engage the audience using different means - whether live audience in the studio, open phone lines, live chat, etc. etc. Even if the spectator holds the command device – the remote control – in his hand, he cannot control what content to receive. Commercials interrupt a show or an interesting film so often and for such time that they become an undesired intruder that the spectator should put up with or he or she has to switch channels while the favourite show or film continues.

Advertisers are not happy, but television advertising reaches (almost) every home and influences many people. However, times have changed and new generations spend their time online, watching their favourite shows on the Internet, downloading and enjoying content from the network. Furthermore, they shoot videos and share them with the world. YouTube is the undisputed leader in sharing videos. Many companies are making their own channels on the popular video sharing website to advertise their products. Here are 10 of the biggest advantages of YouTube, which can be used in any advertising campaign:

1. No need to be home to watch. Moreover, not even a TV is necessary! Laptops, tablets and smartphones are devices that have entered the daily life of millions of people, and Internet access through public Wi Fi networks, 3G and other technologies are very popular now. Watching videos on the network is accessible from anywhere.

2. YouTube is free. You only need a registration and a few minutes to personalize your channel to begin to share your ads. The channel personalization offers good opportunities to promote the brand, as well as subscription and comments! Cool, right? Moreover, it will cost you nothing!

3. More effective advertising. Many people switch to another channel while commercials are running and ads themselves are considered annoying. On the other hand, a good, funny or original advertisement is shared by people over the network and is considered a form of entertainment. Shared by a friend, an advertisement can be considered a recommendation of the product itself. The experience is very different.

4. Some people do not watch TV regularly. An increasing number of young people are not watching TV, replacing it with the Internet. Control over the content, the opportunity for interaction and participation in information flow are valuable advantages that can be exploited not only by users, but also by marketing and advertising professionals.

5. Diversity of content. There are several ways in which your video can reach the target group – searching for content using a keyword, as an option for a similar video after the user has seen a certain video. Thus, by only one search, a user can see your other advertisements or just visit your channel and subscribe to it!

6. Always 'on'. YouTube is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, always online, regardless of time zone. The best part is that once watched, the video can be viewed repeatedly and saved as a favourite video.

7. User survey. Very often, people prefer to see the product in advance, and a clip or a video advertisement can "bring" the product to them. In addition, the views of other users are a very strong motivating factor for the purchase decision!

8. YouTube has more freedom. You can watch a lot of ads that were not allowed to air for one reason or another. On YouTube, there are significantly fewer restrictions and often, particularly these ads enjoy great interest.

9. Links can be put in YouTube. In the description of the video, you can put a link to your website, the facebook page of your company ... to wherever you want!

10. Anyone can record a video - making a video for YouTube is considerably cheaper. You do not need a huge budget to be there. On the contrary - the more easy-going and "amateur" the video is, the more credible it is to the users. See how many videos and channels taken with an ordinary camera have enjoyed immense popularity.

YouTube is a great and free way to reach many of the young and active people. What is better than the existence of an alternative that has so many advantages? Try it!


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