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Archive - 2008

November 14th

The Athens police on higher alert for the annual events in the engineering school

14 November 2008 / 11:11:37  
The traffic restrictions in the centre of Athens start from today. On Monday, more than 8000 policemen will guard the celebration.

November 13th

Greek priorities of OSCE

13 November 2008 / 17:11:46  
Athens will take over the chairmanship of the organization during 2009 - they will focus their attention on Kavkaz, Central Asia, and Southeast Europe

The Greek prisoners drama continues

13 November 2008 / 14:11:27  
Over 160 Bulgaians are serving time in Greece, only 15 of them have been transferred to Bulgarian prisons this year.

The Aristotle University in Thessaloniki gives scholarships to students

13 November 2008 / 11:11:00  
Six foundations gave scholarships to students. The application deadline is December 1st, 2008.

As of next spring, the price of water is also raising

13 November 2008 / 07:11:49  
The water supplies in Attiki has decreased to half its size, compared to the average level in the last 3 years.

November 12th

Illegal parking fines

12 November 2008 / 14:11:44  
Parking fines can be given only in accordance to the Traffic Regulations.

Urgent measures for the lives of the prisoners

12 November 2008 / 14:11:08  
Justice Minister Sotiris Hatzidakis will announce measures regarding the prisoners' claims. The bill, offers special regulations for the drug-dependent prisoners.