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Archive - 2008

November 12th

Most Greeks are pessimistic and unsure of their future

12 November 2008 / 11:11:26  
The unemployment and how expensive life has gotten is their main fear. They believe their country is not developing in the right way; the unions are on strike on December 10.

Iolanta Zaharieva: Endless fairytale or how important it is never to stop dreaming

12 November 2008 / 07:11:09  
Iolanda Zaharieva is a ballerina - soloist of the Sofia Opera. Currently, she teaches in one prestigious ballet school in Athens. Few years back she get married and stays here in Greece. About the art of ballet, her students, and the small beautiful things on a autumn day with Iolanda spoke Marina Nikolova.

November 11th

The best organic substitute for sugar is the Stevia

11 November 2008 / 13:11:22  
An organic substitute for sugar, without any harmful health consequences, is experimentally cultivated in the Karditsa region in North Greece, where tobacco plants were grown before.

Russia uses Greece as a trampoline in order to conquer the European airplane market

11 November 2008 / 13:11:38  
Greece in engaged in the development, producing and support of the Beriev 200 fire-fighter airplane and the MS-21 passenger airplanes.

Greek construction contractors' plans failed on the Balkans

11 November 2008 / 11:11:49  
The crisis knocked on Europe's doors and shook the foundations of a very important field in the real economy - construction and properties exploitation. Giorgos Milonas' industrial company for aluminium processing also depends on this field.

On strike with a stitched-up mouth

11 November 2008 / 10:11:51  
Over 3300 prisoners continue their hunger strike. Right-protectors claim that the situation in the Greek prisons is unbearable.

November 10th

New Democracy is left with 151 members in the parliament

10 November 2008 / 18:11:03  
With a letter to the chairman of the Greek parliament, prime-minister Kostas Karamanlis requested the removal of the "rebellious" Petros Tatoulis from the parliament party.