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Archive - 2008

December 11th

Presumptive killer does not regret anything

11 December 2008 / 13:12:58  
In his statement of eleven pages, the policeman claims that 16 year old Alexandros changed schools often due to bad behavior and systematically participated in hooligan activities.

Apartment rents froze

11 December 2008 / 12:12:59  
With the exception of the buildings close to the subway stations in Athens and Thessaloniki, where the demand for housing remains very high, in most of the municipalities the prices remain the same as those in 2007 and no changes are foreseen for the near future.

December 10th

On stage: ricochet scenario

10 December 2008 / 16:12:27  
Thriller with the results of the ballistic expertise of 16 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos. Both sides are giving forth different results. Again there are conflicts between police and demonstrators. 68% of Greeks believe the government cannot deal with the crisis.

You paid for their profits, now don't pay for their crisis

10 December 2008 / 12:12:50  
With this sign Greek syndicates organized a 24 hour strike today and they rejected the offer of Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis for the strike to be done with no rallies and demonstrations.

Citizens took protection in their own hands

10 December 2008 / 11:12:26  
Athens and Patras citizens protected their own properties from the angry anarchists. Over 10 000 people dressed in black gathered in front of the Greek parliament for a mournful vigil.

December 9th

Mournful procession-demonstration

09 December 2008 / 18:12:31  
Athens said last goodbye to the 16 year old boy who died by a police shot. At 9:00pm there will be a vigil in front of the buildings of the Greek parliament. The opposition wants Karamanlis' resignation.

Natasha Theodoridou comes out with a new ballads album

09 December 2008 / 12:12:23  
Natasha Theodoridou's new album “Next to You” came out. The long awaited mix with her most famous hits came out at the beginning of the month. On December 15th Natasha will answer to her fans' questions live through Mad TV's webcam.