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Archive - 2008

December 17th

Young people feel safer about their future

17 December 2008 / 15:12:17  
According to research done by Allianz in nine countries, Greeks continue to be more optimistic about their own condition rather then the condition of their country as a whole.

Edith Piaf's love letters to Dimitris Horn auctioned in Athens

17 December 2008 / 12:12:14  
In an article "After all Piaf had something to regret," Helena Smith - Guardian correspondent in Greece, reveals part of Edith Piaf's love letters to Greek actor Dimitris Horn.

Third bullet on the crime scene

17 December 2008 / 11:12:39  
The ballistic expertise is expected to come out today. Two new demonstrations are organized for noon today in the center of Athens.

December 16th

Existentialist crisis…

16 December 2008 / 13:12:27  
For ten years now Stamathis Kraounakis’ theatrical troupe performs on the Musical stage of Athenaida theatre. They track the social and cultural prints of our age. This year they scored a bull’s eye.

Less spectacacular protests but larger in scale

16 December 2008 / 09:12:08  
Thousands of students protested in front of the Chief Department of the Greek police. The attorney of the charged with murder policemen asked for his release.

December 15th

Students will remain out on the streets today as well

15 December 2008 / 14:12:42  
Students decided to continue their demonstrations regarding the death of 16 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos. A sitting protest will take place today at 12:00 pm in front of the Central Police Station in Attiki.

December 14th

What does it mean to live in a loft apartment in Athens

14 December 2008 / 16:12:59  
An interesting new fashion is appearing in Athens connected with the luxury way of life or simply the desire for a spacious apartment in a crowded city building. Architect Nefeli Papadimitriou tells about the entering of the Manhattan apartment style or how it is to live in a "loft" apartment in an interview with Marina Nikolova.