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Archive - Mar 2009

March 31st

Russians have invested ?2 billion in Cyprian banks

31 March 2009 / 16:03:44  
This is the amount only for the first three months of 2009, says Interfax agency.

Finally we will see the life of Nia Vardalos in ruins!

31 March 2009 / 10:03:13  
The incredible comenian talent actress, who become famous from her first film "My big fat Greek wedding" is presenting her new film in Athens - two months earlier than the premiere in the US.

Amnesty International is unsatisfied with the investigation for Kouneva

31 March 2009 / 10:03:29  
The human rights organization blames the Greek police that it is acting biased and subjective and it is focusing on unessential details from the Kouneva's life.

March 30th

Greek pressure over Obama to visit the Ecumenical Patriarch

30 March 2009 / 20:03:38  
Athens believes that if the US president visits the Ecumenical Pariarch, this will balance the "negative" impression, which he gave by visiting only Turkey and not Greece as well.

Galena Velikova: The secret of success lies in discipline

30 March 2009 / 19:03:45  

When you talk to Galena Velikova, she will charm you with her quick mind. On the stage, she will take you to the magical world of dance with her vivid movements, smile and good mood. In Bulgaria, Galena Velikova is known from the TV show “Dancing Stars” and VIP Brother and in Greece people know her from the children show “Baby dance.” She takes care of her five Latin and sport dance schools “Galena’s Dance Studios” in Athens and now she unveils her life in an interview for Marina Nikolova.

Center "Cyril and Methodius" opens in Thessaloniki

30 March 2009 / 18:03:15  
A Center for Cultural Heritage studies left behind by Cyril and Methodius was opened in Thessaloniki.

Constantinos Caratheodory's museum opened in Komotini

30 March 2009 / 12:03:30  
A museum dedicated to Constantinos Caratheodory was opened in Komotini. He was a worldwide famous Greek mathematician, who recently was included in the 100 list of all time greatest Greeks on number 12.