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Archive - 2009

December 16th

Greece strengthens external borders security

16 December 2009 / 11:12:27  
The country expects support from Frontex.

Students received awards for environmental protection software

16 December 2009 / 11:12:18  
First prize received Eco Truck project for ecologically recycling paper. Students gave a sweep of their imagination and created useful software.

Greece is the next Lehman Brothers

16 December 2009 / 09:12:34  
Eurozone will not collapse because of Greece, but Greece can become the next big global bankruptcy.

December 15th

Maras Vlasis athlete of the year, Alexandra Tsiavu women winner

15 December 2009 / 14:12:14  
Panathinaikos basketball players - the best team for 2009.

11 000 people annually seek assistance from the Ombudsman in Greece

15 December 2009 / 12:12:57  
Needed is a free public access to public documents.

Greek-Turkish stock index GT-30 officially launched

15 December 2009 / 11:12:40  
It reflects the state front thirty companies, fifteen of which are the largest market capitalization

Papandreou's recipe for exiting the crisis: I will take money from the rich and give it to the poor

15 December 2009 / 10:12:41  
90% tax on private sector bonuses, no bonuses in the public sector. Salaries and pensions of public workers will increase.